Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday musings

Life has been busy as we know it. Started back teaching part time music. I love it. I still love doing private lessons more because they want to learn.  The lil kids k-4 are heaven could do that 24/7. older ones are jaded. 

Been cleaning more.  Tackled the kitchen since I'm cooking lately. It's amazing what a cleaning lady misses! I think today I'm gonna make cookies and chillovers. Got the chill over mix from Mary Janes Farm. It doesn't have animal products in it :) 

Laundry, cleaning, bills, christmas cards (YES) getting them set. 

Ate with my girl friend at the Forks and had amazing mini burgers and onion petals and a side salad. It was really good, I'm STILL full.  I need to drink some more water.  Drank 3 glasses today already. 

Burning some cds for driving. 

Still have to make the tiara for MJF swap. Think I have some pretty stuff to add to it. 

Haircut next tuesday with Carla at Pam's golden touch. She does a great job! I think it will be around shoulders and dark brown if all goes well.  Been meaning to get back into tanning. Or a good spray tan. Hm 

Went to the dentist NO cavities still and I'm 26!!!! :-D yay

Wednesday, September 3, 2008