Saturday, January 31, 2009

Note to self: and others

MUST get book: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Wanted: Dress Form for desperate fashion wannabe

I'm STILL looking for a used dress form.......purty purty please anyone anyone?I kinda prefer somewhere local so I can not pay an arm and leg for shipping!? I DREAM of a french one or one from NY something with a story to tell.

I just love a nice ....

crisp clean organized goodlooking desk.......I think that is what I always try to achieve and don't quite get there. Why does it ALWAYS get messy in 1 sec and take an hour to clean up?

this is a great looking desk, can I have it lol

The best looking movie

I want to see this movie so bad! Confessions of a Shopaholic! It looks so fun. I love the eye candy of fashion too. The actress I just love her (name slips my mind at the moment). Can't wait to go see this and laugh/gawk. 

Friday, January 30, 2009

Mardi Gras thoughts

well I am in the mood for New Orleans. I am in the mood for Jazz Funerals, good music, fattening food, beignets, and beads! I just can't wait for fat tuesday and I think I shall have some good ol coconut donuts and FUN. I will pull out my doctors professors kings and queens the big ol box of new orleans cd collection and have my own mardi gras. BEFORE I die I want to go to mardi gras and experience it. I know my soul is half southern, how I'm not sure, but I just can feel it. 

How many of you hold yard sales?

This has been on my mind for some time now thinking about is it worth having one. Every year at the beginning of may my whole street has a yard sale. I didn't sell MUCH last year but made over $100! I do like to do it for fun and chatting with the yarders. Well I always give so much to goodwill year round. IDK I just want to know if you all hold them and how do you do them. 

Crowns, Kings, Queens

So crowns signify so much. Royalty, class, fairytale, etc. I just love looking at these crowns at a beautiful life and looking at Fifi's collection of crowns. I have none but the tiara I wore when I went to the first prom. I love crowns and think I shall start collecting them. You don't come across many in stores or around Western PA lol, I'll prob have to do some internet shopping.

Traveling in STYLE

Now this is how I'd travel. I want to bring back wearing scarves on your head to not get your hair messed up. I love how "old" ladies like my mammy (I say that with the utmost respect) always have their hair done and their lipstick and nails painted. I really think everyone today need to take pride in how they look. That doesn't mean judge others that might look less, but it boosts morale. I love the big shades in this pic and the Louis Vuitton luggage. That is one of my shallow goals in life, to own a set of Louis Vuitton luggage. Hey if it's used, I wouldn't care, as long as it's REAL!

Ruffles and Spring

Can't wait till spring, yes the snow is pretty but I like my sunshine!!! Gets me going in the morning and I have way more energy. This particular ruffle top is from XOXO, one of my favorite brands. It has a little bit of a farmgirl/country flair to it. Feminine with the lil side tie and ruffles. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

overstock - tiger chair $239! and decorating

Overstock is having their sale. I haven't really ever bought anything from them, but I love to browse. I never seem to find things I like there. I love their commercials and concept. They have some great priced furniture I'm checking out. I always dream of my own house and how I will decorate it. I love a crisp clean decorating style with a creative touch. Old money classic with a splash of romantic/shabby chic......I like a style that tells a story and doesn't seem stale. I also love the look of hotels. Wish I could buy stuff from wherever they buy. My goal for my bedroom is to have it like a hotel room because you sleep SO WELL because of no clutter or mess. :)

pandora, free radio

Check out PandoraRadio its free internet radio. Reminds me of a free version of Sirius Radio. I love it. You get to choose what you want to listen to and it gives you options and similar artists. Something great when you don't have the money for Sirius. :)

My favorite movie, one of them at least

I just love the down home feel of this movie and the end shows what really matters in life. I adore this movie and the fashion of couture and down home casual. I am just like this. I love luxury but when it boils down to it all I love is simplicity and what truly matters when I leave this planet. I just had to include this image. I was reading one of my favorite blogs about Louis Vuitton and found this and remembered it really captures what I love.
Been a little while since I've blogged here. Been active over at Ligonier Living. Been busy with life too. Working on my practicum and researching Social Networking Services many out there and its hard to wade through them all. Been having some family issues as in health issues or concerns, nothing too bad just constant. It's hard looking out for someone that is old and at sometimes stubborn. lol Been trying to clean and get rid of junk too. Making a pile for the May yard sale! Can't wait. Last year I made around $100! :) Been socializing a little. Pretty broke lately after Christmas and not much work. Not by choice. I keep thinking I should pick up a waitressing job. I just keep finding more wonderful people that stay in my life:) love it.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

what happened to being nice to eachother?

Im usually a very positive person or at least I'm told. Well seemed like all the grumpy gusses were out yesterday, shopping and working. Blech. I ask a question about an old magazine and I get my head bit off. I am trying to look at magazines and there are other people around and a chick complains theres too many people when there is now only 3 of us and hinting at me. Pft. Go home and quit working. Thank goodness I saw my happy chipper friend cray working the counter and she made the leaving of the building pleasant. I mean what happened to people wanting to be nice to eachother and smile and not act like they are better or something than you? People make eye contact and wow there are hardly ever ANY smiles or happy looking people. Kinda grating on my nerves. I mean it just shows bad upbringing and breeding. In an article I read about money they talked about how the "rich" never used to treat others poorly because they were bred too well and didn't want to give the wrong impression. I think that can hold true and also depend on old and new money. What about the rest of the regular joes? It's like people wanna out do eachother. It's just sad and pathetic. I'd rather meet someone I can chit chat about a product or something. I usually do, but oy lets make it more!