Wednesday, February 18, 2009

THE Blue Dress

I am in love with a certain color, not sure what the proper name for it might be, but it is divine! It is happy and uplifting. I think of it as a tropical/summery blue. I have always loved this color and so has my mother. I was browsing Ralph Lauren like I do almost daily and found this dress. I am trying to watch my spending, but oh this would be perfect for me. Look at the feminine cut and the color. Ralph never lets a girl down:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tiffany playing cards

I love the tiffany color and just the way it looks:)

Louis vuitton card deck

I have been eyeing this up and just think it'd be the ultimate. I love card decks and the love goes back to how my mum always gives them as gifts just a little cute thing that's fun, she also LOVES bubble brew and thinks the world's problems could be solved if everyone used bubble brew :-p tee hee only half joking there. I think the world leaders need to fight and discuss with water guns or a game of stratego :-p I could easily see myself start to collect card decks....

JC jewelry

I saw this in an etsy email and liked me when I first looked at the pic the JC to me made me think it was jesus christ, but you can get it personalize and there is lots of other jewelry to look at. 

waning risky post! but alas I like to push the line

The vocab word for the day is: Shiteous: (adj.) Something that is both hideous and shitty.
The ankle strap on the stripper's platforms broke, they are no longer just hideous, they're shiteous. 

This cracked me up after reading one of the blogs I follow. Chic and Charming is the amuser. 

Rudder-free service for tracking expenses

I am digging this Rudder personal finance thing online. I love tracking my bills, checking account, and spending. :) It sure helps especially with my goals and managing to save a few bucks while paying off bills. It's free and looks so crisp and clean. Plus it's secure. Start your own and see your success and progress. 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sale at Bluefly

Just when finances are not the best I see a killer sale at Bluefly for cheap Christian Louboutin shoes that make me melt. Ah, ce la vie. Take a peek over there for yourselves and get a great shoe for chips!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A great Valentine's Day gift

I simply LOVE this idea and what a cute way to send your lovie a valentine's day gift or something to say hey cutie this is SO you! I'd love to get a pair. hint hint. Here's the link to purchase your own or for someone you think would appreciate this fun gift.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

listening to music

I have always been a huge fan of music like what was featured in oh brother where art thou. I just recently discovered Pandora, a free online radio that lets you pick your channels and finds music that is similar to what you searched for. I searched for Down to the River to Pray, my favorite.

Losing our loved ones in blogland

It's always sad to read on blogs about the bloggers personal losses. I want to extend my condolences to Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams. She is the latest blog that I am following and has the cutest giveaway offered. She lost her oldest son. My prayers and thoughts are with her and her family. May God watch over them in their time of need.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Look at this

I just love clean crisp put together looks. The simplicity yet the chicness of this outfit. From the head down to her feet it is just well put! Love the purse and heels. 

Rudder-free service for tracking expenses

A new internet tool that I just found via Mashable is Rudder. It allows you to track your finances aka bills, credit cards, spending, bank accounts....It is a secure service too and FREE! I just set mine up last night love it. It gives you charts and easy to read features to track all of your financial world. Check it out and sign up! Have fun taking charge of your finances. 

do you use twiiter?

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bunnies are being born at Janets Creative Pillows!

Look at the darling, sweet, cute, bunnies that are still being made by Janet! They will get faces and outfits and I just can't wait to see them turn out. Bunnies mean spring and I just love both. Growing up and still today I get called bun bun by my mother :) Bunnies just signify a new beginning to me. When my cousin passed my Mammy (grandmother) and I went shopping and found a silly marilyn monroe looking bunny in Victorias Secret that gave me comfort and made me smile. Check her out and her fabulous pillows...

Sweet Cottage Dreams: I'm Having A Lil' Giveaway

Sweet Cottage Dreams: I'm Having A Lil' Giveaway

Sweet Cottage Dreams~ Adorable!

Take a look at the darling blog . I found it via a different blog and the giveaway is adorable! It is right up any farmgirl or girl's alley! I love the pics on the blog and the music, it's oh so romantic :) Take a look at tell her I sent ya :-p I am new to her blog, but what a gorgeous one!