Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My goodies from FarmGirl Melanie!!!

Some nice fabric LOVE the colors yellow and blues, an amazing soap (least I think so) it smelled up the whole box and I could just savor it all, cute fabulous buttons, and tea that I can't wait to try!!!!! THANK YOU so much!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The One Dollar Diet Project

In September of 2008, two Social Justice teachers decided to start eating on one dollar a day. The month long experiment taught them a lot about food, economics, and nutrition, but the couple was left with more questions than answers.

Since the original experiment ended, Christopher and Kerri have continued to consider and question the economics of eating well, and have started some new trials that will be recounted in their forthcoming book on Hyperion in January of 2010.

Check it out! This was amazing to read and inspiring. Makes you think about your food habits!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Check out my online yard sale!

I finally put up some of the clothes I have for sale and I will be posting other items like at a yard sale. I have books, clothes, videos, etc. Check back for new things. Go to Ligonier Yard Sale.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My old friend singing-check her out she's fabulous!

Regal Belt from Junk Gypsy

I am in dire need of a new belt. I know this is a belt buckle, but I still want it :-p The actual belt can come later. Something about crowns, crests, gold, etc. that just makes me feel giddy and happy. Pop over to Junk Gypsy to get your own.

It's MAY!

I just adore May, maybe because Spring is here always or maybe because my mother's birthday is in May and my best friend/late cousin's as well. Now my boyfriend has the same birthday as my late cousin. I just get so excited when we leave the other months behind and head into Spring and Summer!

I have the house about where I would like it to be. I have a system for cleaning and reddin up. It's working so far. I have some more changes to make, but the biggest thing that made a difference in keeping things in order was having a system of categories or homes. If it's papers -mail, magazines, etc or anything else that I don't know where to put it it goes on my desk. My purse goes on my desk as well so I can find it.

I have a bookcase near my desk where I put books, things that would go in my purse when I switch them, important papers, and some magazines. I like to keep my important papers/folders in purses that I don't use anymore, because I hate how sterile office containers look. I also am tired of coasters and decided to use an old doily for on my desk and on the coffee table a silver tray. You don't worry about putting the coaster away or getting it out, the tray is always out and houses a candle.

I was tired of seeing a laundry basket or hamper to put my dirty laundry in, so I used a fabric bag that is red and white large plaid to house it and it looks MUCH prettier to the eye. The bedroom still needs help, but I'm figuring it out and what can live in there and what should not.

Still have plenty of things gathered up for an online yard sale. Lots of clothes that are in perfectly good condition, craft things, some videos, and random odds and ends. I just have to take some pictures and do that.

Keeping house is important to me because it just means so much to see a house that is kept and organized, but with your own touch. Not a magazine home that is stale and sterile. Put your own likes and touches in the room, but not cluttered and thrown together carelessly. Move things around and see if you like them there, if you don't try a new place. It's fun and breathes new life into that room.