Monday, August 10, 2009


After much deliberation and thought I finally decided what the essentials were that I needed for holiday decorating...well and then a few extras. I now have everything in the cozy underneath of the steps. I now have decided on a new project, to make a little curtain to cover this during the off season of decorating. The feeling of relief is great and I just adore organizing.
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Gift Giving

"Give experiences as gifts, not stuff. Instead of shopping for someone come birthdays or Christmas, think of an experience you can give them instead. A date with you, doing something fun, hanging out, cooking, playing, talking, exploring. A fun time at a park or beach. Something other than everyday. An experience is much more meaningful than an object." This is taken from the article from Zen Habits that I just mentioned.

I have already made up my mind that I am making homemade or as close to homemade/handmade gifts for Christmas and Birthdays.
One reason was the cost of things and how ridiculous gift giving can get. I am always flattered that I have been thought of by so many people, but I also appreciate a card with a handwritten note in it just as much!
The second reason is that when I have given handmade gifts the reaction that people have to receiving that gift is better or more so than getting something mass made. Last Christmas my family exchanged some gifts that were made by women in 3rd world countries and that with the purchase of them it helps them to have a better life and support themselves. To me that is meaningful as well.

A particular gift that I am looking to give is canned goods. People go crazy for the peaches we can and you'd think that we gave them something that cost 100's of dollars. Though I am biased the peaches are delicious and I have yet to have any that are better!

I also agree that taking someone out for a meal and good conversation could be the best gift they could receive. Or a simple cup of wonderful coffee and company. It truly IS the thought that is the most precious part of gift giving rather than what you are giving.

Love not Stuff

It's like Zen Habits crawled into my mind and read it when he blogged about loving life and the experiences we have in it instead of buying anything and everything searching for that fulfillment that we never get through stuff. Ah! So VERY true. I know I am guilty of getting caught up in the materialistic world and struggle with it from time to time. The balance has been better for me and I am only realizing how the free and cherished things in life bring me utter happiness and fulfillment. Check out his amazing article and just soak it all in.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Vision for a Room

Something that just makes me absolutely *giddy* is having everything organized and in it's place. "A home for everything." Ok, I don't really have it that organized yet! That is my goal. This summer I bought a bookcase to house all my teaching supplies (they would wind up being scattered and crammed in odd places). This way I can go out and grab what I need the night before and have it all set for morning! Ah to not race around like a mad woman would be wondrous. So last night I was out there moving things around, organizing, throwing away (don't worry I only throw paper away, things I find a new home for or donate) and looking at the mess dissolve.

The room where the bookcase is we used to call the "Playroom" it housed a ridiculous amount of toys when I was younger. Now I would love to make it more a library/exercise room. My great-grandfather turned it into a room after there was a fire in that area of the house. It used to be the garage so it does get a bit chilly in the winter, but we have a heater out there. There are built-in book shelves that house mainly books, finally! The goal is to put all books out there and bring up a bench from the basement to put in front of the shelves like you see in magazines. I always think that it looks very inviting eventhough it's placed in front of the books.

The other thing that is out in the room is the treadmill, elliptical machine, and stationary bike, along with yoga equipment, weights, and a gazelle. I called Directv on Monday to set up an appointment to get TV out there. Right now the small 16" or whatever tv will have to suffice till we get a little bigger tv, preferrably with a dvd hooked up. Someone suggested I hook the Wii up to the tv and play while on the treadmill, that is a little to much even for me!!!! I can't wait to go out and watch the morning shows that I have discovered give me comfort and happiness while walking on the treadmill, especially on rainy and snowy days when I don't drag myself outside to walk.

Monday, August 3, 2009

French Taste

There is just something about the romance that is part of the French culture. I love the thought of espresso, croissants, flowers, dining outside, enjoying every bit of food you eat, wine, cigarettes, walking, staying thin, fabrics, colors, gold, the language, poems, mystery, excitement, my list goes on.....