Saturday, July 17, 2010

Financial Peace University

This past Tuesday night I attended the first class in the Financial Peace University series by Dave Ramsey. I had heard about this through handsome's uncle and didn't know the name of it. For months I was searching for it and we can never get a hold of his uncle so I just kept looking. I thought it was FPU but was not sure.

Just by luck we were in Dollar General getting something and there was his Aunt's sister. She was talking to us about family and about FPU, here she was going to lead a class in the next few months. Not thinking anything of it I went home and kept thinking about it. The class materials are just a bit on the pricey side, but supposedly ever so worth it. The kit includes the book, workbook, cds, envelopes for assigning your money to a task, and some other helpful items.

I finally decided why not, I kept thinking about signing up, it was now time to do it. I went online to Dave Ramsey and checked out the FPU website. Just for fun I decided to check out if there were any classes in any of the neighboring areas. Much to my surprise there was! AND it was in my town in a local church. I didn't know the lady's name, but figured if it's through a church it should be fairly legit. I signed up to receive more information. Here it turned out it was handsome's Aunt's sister leading it. See when I met her I wasn't really introduced, it was a casual talking meet.

The first class we watched dvd 1 in the series and then sat in a circle to get acquainted and discuss our goals and experiences. It's pretty neat. There were people that wanted to start saving for their kid's college education because the kids were already teens, others wanted to pay off debt, myself I want to get set for when I get married and have kids, one man has had a serious health issue that keeps him on disability instead of traveling the world like he used to, another wants to save up so that he can be a philanthropist.

We do not discuss our actual finances. We discuss how to use the 7 steps and processes to pay off debt, save an emergency fund, save several months of living expenses, and so forth. This week's homework is to make up your budget. There is a sample in the back of the book. You are to assign every last dollar of your income. We are to pay in cash or check for things and not rely on the credit card. So far it has been easy, I figured I'd have trouble. I actually accidentally misplaced mine in a different purse and have decided to use the rest of the money I took out from the last payday. I STILL have money leftover and I think it is because like Dave says, actual physical money makes it more painful to give it away. I have held on tight to the cash I have had. This is a first in a long time. We are also to start saving $1000 for our emergency fund. The idea of this is to have this for the inevitable rainy days that strike: car, health, etc. The TRUE emergencies. If you have this saved up it will at least help towards that unplanned event. You might say well when that is gone you do not have an emergency fund, that's right, you start a new one. The only thing that I am still confused about is you are supposed to pay the minimum on your bills (if you can) and then start your saving right away. I was always under the impression that you should pay off your bills in full, then use what you have left as you see fit. The idea is you want to have the emergency fund so that you do not think well my only option is to charge this emergency, then you are further in debt or will at least have a hard time paying it off and with interest accruing.

I highly recommend finding a group wherever you are. It's Christian based, but you do not have to be a Christian to attend one. Common sense put into action.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dining Out- A favorite pastime/presentime

I adore going out to eat. We were just joking about what to do when we have kids and how things would be cut back. I was told oh no then there won't be kids if we can't go out to eat. Of course this was just a joke! I truly enjoy going out and enjoying food. I think it might be the social aspect more than the food. I know the convenience is a big one for us.

We went to Subway today, hadn't been there in probably a month. We always get one of our 3 favorite things to eat. I'm big on the veggie sub because I just adore veggies and I am trying not to eat meat that I don't know where it has come from or that is not locally grown. (We get a beef raised locally without any antibiotics and steroids by a local farmer.) We've always done this since before I was born.

A goal that I have is making meals at home more instead of going out. This is for $ reasons (just trying to save a little extra) and to see what great concoctions I can come up with. Sometimes the best food is simple food.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

One of my favorite things...

Is going to a nearby town to go out to eat at Brady's and shop at Collections By Marty. Today they had the latest Vera Bradley purse patterns for Fall on display.

They opened early and had specials. Of course my family and I went up there, looked around (I swear I can tell you what the whole store has because we go there so often), and bought a few goodies. One thing was a purse for my mum in the newest pattern of Slate Blooms. It's like a denim blue with some light brown.

If we don't buy my mum a new purse she carries the old one till we are tired of seeing it. Those types of things don't matter to her. She has her priorities right and material things aren't important to her. That doesn't mean she doesn't deserve to have new things, we make sure that she does.

I also bought myself my very first Gooseberry Patch Cookbook! I am thrilled. It is Farmers Market Favorites. I thought that was fitting because I adore going to our local farmers market and getting fresh/local produce and products. I have recently really gotten into baking and cooking. I love homemade meals. Nothing better for the soul.

We ran over to the shop that is run by some distant cousins from the Ritenour family where my family bought a gazebo. They carry Amish made wooden pieces for outdoors, lawn decorations, etc. We were looking for a gnome/fairy door to put on the stump in the yard and ask about a gazebo cover.

By then it was about lunch time so we went to Bradys. We all usually get the same meal just because its so great. This time we opted for the soup and salad bar. The mushroom soup was divine, I loaded up on salad makings and enjoyed one of their warm homemade rolls. We always take an extra one to feed the ducks outside. You'd swear those ducks were starving, but you know darn well that they are not!

It is our little vacation time away from home, but close enough to run back home fast.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One mile towards health

Something that I absolutely love to do is walk! It's my favorite form of exercise. I used to do it forever when I was younger. I'm not that old now, just got out of the habit of doing it and now rely on transportation.

My Auntie is visiting and we went shopping to hunt down the Sketchers Shapeup shoes. I know you've seen them before. The ones that pretty much look silly like you're on high platform sneakers. She was going to get them for my uncle because he has knee, leg, back problems, but where we went they didn't carry the mens. She bought herself a pair and has been raving about them. Funny thing is I've known about these style shoes for years.

The Shapeups are based on the MBT style shoe. I bought my several years ago and love wearing them. It is truly like you're walking on clouds and in the sand. They feel amazing. If you're on your feet for long periods of time or have back/leg/knee issues you have to try these out. I highly recommend them. I bought my MBTs on "sale" they were still pricey $$. Worth every penny. I kept telling my family that I bought them several years back and that the concept is not "new". I am pleased that they have made a more affordable version and that others have found the comfort and relief of this style of a shoe.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sometimes you step in it. Or someone else does.

I spent my afternoon scrubbing the carpets in the hall, dining room, living room, and kitchen yesterday. My sweet little fur boy Louis gets mad when people are gone and he gets upset and decides to protest by pooping in the wrong places! I had some family members searching for a phone number for me when I called them. Apparently he had gone on a oriental throw rug and someone stepped in it. Like I said sometimes you step in it or someone else does. I gave up when they couldn't find the number and came home to find it. I saw the trail around the house and went ohhhh my I know what I'll do Monday. Thank goodness we have our own rug scrubber! Whew! I must say it gave me an excuse to clean all of the carpets not just the spots. I feel like the house is sparkling :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ruthies-Hometown Diner

A place where handsome and I have become absolute REGULARS at is Ruthie's Diner. It's not much to look at when you pull up to it, but it's my secret treasure inside. The waitresses are absolutely dolls. They know what you drink and go out of their way to make sure that you get what you need. Where else do they give you a FREE to go of coffee or their amazing sweet tea? FOR FREE if you had already ordered some during your meal!

It's the best place to go when you are on lunch break. Handsome works at a private farm and takes care of the land and the horses. He goes in there almost every day and gets his meal. Sometimes he gets a Steak-um, Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, or Breakfast. I just had something there for the first time, Chicken and Biscuits. OMGosh was it great! Never had such yummy chicken and biscuits. When we go in at lunch you're guaranteed to see the other regulars and you sure get to know them by name and face.

Today we went there and it was like a Sunday (their Sundays are PACKED, waiting room only usually). However busy they are they make it run like a well-oiled machine. Today we had one of the bus girls waiting on us. We waited longer than usual and our drinks were depleted, but I asked a new bus girl if she could help us out. She was so sweet and pleasant for it being so darn busy. That is what I'm talking about! I absolutely love the service that we get there. Home-cooked food with Caring Service. The prices are pretty low and you get a ton of food. I love meeting up with friends there for even something as simple as some fries. You can frequent it and not break the bank. Just another treasure in my town. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Little Boy~Louis

My little boy, Louis is turning 6 on June 27th!!! I have been so blessed to have him in my life.

I had another dog before him, Winnie. She was getting sick in 2004. I had just lost my cousin to a drunk driver and then Winnie became sick and we feared that she would die.

I couldn't take another tragedy so we called our vet, Dr. Beam, and asked the receptionist if they knew of any miniature schnauzers. There was a pet shop/grooming place across from a place called the Mozart House that had schnauzers in the window. I was at my mum's school and decided to walk over to see the dogs. Louis was "the doggie in the window". I picked him up and he was so friendly immediately. He was so small he fit in my hand. He played with the toto-like dogs that were in the window with him. Louis touched my heart.
I have had fun dressing him up, playing with him, walking him, and teaching him random things. He is a very intelligent dog. He has picked up the words, house, home, gazebo, kitchen, potty, ouch, gentle, kisses, love, and more. I didn't try to teach him the words, I just talked to him so much and apparently used those words enough that he picked them up.

When I take him for a walk he is constantly stopped to be pet, fussed over, and complimented. He welcomes the attention and almost expects it when others don't do it.

He loves vanilla ice cream, leftover meat, bread, Mammy's homemade meals for him, soft/cream colored toys, sitting on the swing, running across the street to his great-grandparents, hanging out in the gazebo or his house, laying in clothes, greeting visitors, and most of all sitting on laps.
He is who I talk to about my problems, my joys, everyday things, and my companion. I am so thankful to have him to remind me of unconditional love and is always happy to see me.


Friday, June 18, 2010

This is my new love.

I have been pining over getting a Dyson for several years. I ha originally thought that the DC25 all floor was the greatest thing on Earth, but then I had my eyes opened to the animal. 

I must say I just put the vacuum together in about five minutes because I didn't have the instruction booklet out of the box.

I just ran it over the Just vacuumed carpet and boy did it suck out the gunk!!

I am so happy and pleased. Back to vacuuming!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Visit to Bo-peep


School Schedule

The Treasures of Yesteryear~Cleaning

While I was cleaning out some areas in the basement I decided to tackle the old armoire that currently houses books. I moved the old Nancy Drews to the bookshelf and the little kid books to their section (I swear that when I have children I will never have to buy them a book EVER) and came across this book.

On the top of the front cover it has her name. Her real name was Elizabeth, but many knew her as Betty. This is from when she attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania for college, when it was known as Indiana Normal School. It prepared you to be a teacher. I like the worn cover look.

The cover page on the inside is very worn and looks as though someone had a feast of paper.
I liked looking at the different lessons and what they suggested to do. She taught in several one room schoolhouses and loved what she did. I think it's neat and makes me giggle at how formal everything is. I sort of long for that in life anymore.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coal Mining-Local Area

I've grown up hearing stories about my Mammy (grandmother) growing up with her father being a Superintendent of different Coal Mines. They lived in several towns where he worked at. Our library had a wonderful display of the local's mine paraphernalia. We were proud to have my Great-grandfather and Great-great grandfather's picture on display as well as their lanterns.

My Great-grandfather attended college (pretty rare back in his time) at Washington & Jefferson College where he studied Engineering, which later led to his career of being in charge of mines. Not only had he worked in the mines where he learned the normal mining skills, but as a Mine Super he picked up on the languages of the mine workers. To this day we have some words that were passed down from him like Rukawitzy (spelling is not accurate) which means mittens. My mother went to school and asked where her Rukawitzys were. Needless to say they were not sure what she was talking about. When he dealt with the miners many had immigrated from all different countries. He had to be able to communicate with them, this meant he had to learn and catch on quickly to the different languages. He was also more than just the Mine Super, he took care of the men as well.

The one on the left is my Great-great grandfather and the one on the right is my Great-grandfather

I am very proud of my Great-grandfather and his career as the Superintendent of the different coal mines that he worked at. He was a hardworking man, honest, caring, and very smart.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life... it happens

I have been extra busy lately. It's the end of the school year things that creep up. A few weeks ago I was trying to think of all the things I've been involved in this year.

*DAR (Daughter's of the American Revolutions)- not like how it is portrayed on the Gilmore Girls, dear friends.

*Deacons- I am the moderator so when people call for assistance, help, a project, etc. it comes to me.

*Bell Choir- we play bells and practice every week. I took over the position after a dear church friend passed away suddenly, she was only in her 50s.

*I give private music lessons on instruments and voice. So that is through the week.

*I sell Silpada Jewelry (.925 Sterling Silver) and Tastefully Simple (easy to prepare delicious food)

* I teach computer and music at a school, play piano at a church, and used to work a few other jobs.

*I have planned many events this year.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gallant champions of international renown vie for honors at the rolling rock steeplechase an extravaganza of the sport of kings held annually for a magnificent charity. *all from yesteryear*


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This is my new goal...a healthy and cheap lunch. The wrap I bought from giant eagle for 4.50. Yes I would've scrounged up something here but ill be attending a conference so I didn't want to buy anything to just sit here. The drink is milk and a cappuciono cooler. You can buy them in a pack and they have less calories than a frappucino!


Monday, April 19, 2010

To Catch You Up

This weekend was a whirlwind weekend, but one of the best. Friday night I came home from work and was looking forward to "relaxing". Handsome called me and told me to put on my best dress we're going to the symphony. So I ran upstairs, threw on a black dress that I did not know how it would fit, decided it looked ok, put on my pearls that he had bought me for Christmas, put my heels on and ready I was.

The drive in was interesting due to traffic for the Penguins hockey game and the storm that blew down trees and debris. Gotta love how a GPS tells you you're almost there, but then that street is closed because of construction. we had this issue about 4 times. We finally found A parking garage (not the one that we had a parking pass for) and walked through construction on sidewalks and over a good distance to Heinz Hall. I wish I had taken a second to take pictures, but with the hassle of walking in heels, carrying an umbrella the size of myself, and dodging people and the rain I was preoccupied. We arrived pretty much just in time. The seats were in row E and I swear I could have spit on the grand piano. They did 2 pieces, The Mermaid by Zemlinsky, you can truly hear what is happening in the story and picture it. The English horn was gorgeous in this (I'm super partial to English horn because that is what I played in the top ensemble in college) and I just couldn't help but smile when I heard it. Beethoven's Piano Concerto 3 was done amazingly by Yefim Bronfman. He was so wonderful that he received a standing ovation 4 times and after walking out on the fourth time he gave us an encore. It was that amazing!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy sunday


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Local Hunt

Last week I was invited out to see the local hunt take off. I've attended one other one before. This one was nice to see because of the sunshine, green lush grass all around, and the excitement of the horses and hounds taking off. Here's a few of the pictures. My one friend pointed out to me that two of the hounds have spots that look like hearts on them. The people in blue shirts are members and the people in white shirts are the people in charge of the hunt. They blew the horn, galloped off into the sunset...errr landscape and with that they were gone.

Easter Wonders and Byers Choice

This was my little Easter display. I was surprised last August when I opened a package that held the two Easter children and then this Easter I opened a package that held the Easter mom. I LOVE Easter. It's my favorite holiday by far with Christmas and Halloween following right behind. I think I enjoy Easter so much because of the celebrating. I enjoy hearing about Christ rising, the grass is getting green, the bunnies are out (I'm a huge bunny fan), and I love pastel colors. One of my favorite scenes from a favorite movie (lots of favorites in this post, I know) is when the kids are doing the Easter egg hunt in Steel Magnolias. The pinks, baby blues, yellows, and greens are gorgeous. I think the anticipation of Spring and Summer to come are what makes me giddy and excited for Easter.

These are just a few of my Byers Choice collection. Every one of my Byers Choice figures have been a gift. I fell in love with them in the Williamsburg catalog. When my grandparents went down several years ago they asked what I would like, or was it Christmas, either way I said a Byers Choice colonial figure. I received one and have a growing collection. Look at the details on these 3. They are all hand made at the factory in Chalfonte, PA. We've been to the factory, walked around looking at the displays, watched a video on how she came up with the idea, and the gift shop filled to the brim with Byers Choice figures and displays. Some of my collection are hand signed on the bottom and limited editions. I'll post more another day.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Staying Healthy Together.

Check out my girl, Donna at Staying Healthy Together. She's just a ray of sunshine and positive vibes. She just gets it. Right now she is working on getting fit and healthy. The crazy thing is always swimming, jogging, exercising, and eating right. What an inspiration! I am in awe at how much she is doing to get fit. She's training for a tri-athlon. I can't wait to see what else she'll take on. She is also a great Massage Therapist. She has this wild but awesome concept of a mobile massage. Donna goes around our town and gives massages with her mobile chair. It's awesome and I've never heard of anything like it. Her website is here.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A weekend of ICK! but pleasure

I spent the whole doggone weekend laying on the couch due to a severe stomach flu bug... I'll spare you all the details. It was not a fun time. I did have some Internet fun. I get utterly bored and stir crazy when I feel horrible enough to lounge on the couch. I started to take a nap Saturday after lunch and dreamt the whole time about decorating, houses, and the blogs that inspire me.

I was having fun browsing the Daisy Cottage Blog with her red, green, and yellow themed house. It made for a fun and enjoyable dream. The images just kept flashing by. This blog is so sweet and makes me want to just show up on her front porch with a smile and some coffee. It amazes me how almost everything she features looks as if it were meant to be placed in her house and how all the colors just go together perfectly.

I also enjoyed looking at my dear friend, Kimberly's blog, Home is Where the Heart Is. She recently was interviewed by The Gooseberry Patch!!! You can read the post on their blog by clicking on the link. I was beyond excited for her. How cool is that? Her blog is such a homey and inviting blog where she is constantly presenting her Gooseberry Patch book collection throughout. I swear she has all that they've ever published! I enjoy just listening to the music on her blog. It is so relaxing and spiritually uplifting. She is a woman of God. What an inspiration:)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ruche- THE hat

I had forgotten about the company Ruche that has clothing that takes you back to a more simpler and romantic time. I have absolutely fallen in love with this hat. I'm not sure why, I think because it has a playful look, along with a romantic and classy look. It's a tad more than what I'd pay, but maybe I'll splurge or better yet, wait till it goes on sale.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Silpada Jewelry Fundraiser for Jennifer Daugherty

This is a fun way to raise money for Jennifer Daugherty's Fund. All proceeds that would normally be income will go to the fund. The family is organizing different things for the future to benefit the community. 1. is a scholarship for a person like Jennifer, mentally challenged, to go to a Trade School or to College. Jennifer always wanted to go to school to become a mechanic. 2. An organization to raise awareness and help others that are mentally challenged to acquire the supervision and skills to be safe.

Most of you know about Jennifer's Story and some of you may not. She was a very loving, sweet, and kind 30 year old woman. She was mentally challenged and wanted to be friends with everyone, no matter what. A little over a month ago she was taken away from us by some people. Her family is staying strong, but they need all the prayers and support that we can give them.

I wanted to help raise money and thought what better way than having a Silpada Jewelry Fund-raiser!! Gorgeous jewelry that is .925 Sterling Silver and makes a great present for someone or a treat for yourself.

I'm opening this Fund-raiser today and keeping it open until March 31st at 8pm.

I can accept Credit Cards, Checks, or Cash. This way people from all over can help support easily as well. Jewelry will be shipped straight to your address.

I know we can raise a lot and show our support for the family. Please invite your friends and spread the word.

Thank you!!

You can view the online catalog here and message me with your order and look at my Silpada website here.

Spring has arrived

In the form of one of my favorite magazines, Mother Earth News. I just adore reading all the inspiring articles about starting your own garden that will feed you through the spring/summer. This one spoke to me as soon as I saw it in the mail. "Start A Quick & Easy Food Garden" I am so excited to start. I'll be having some extra help from my handsome. He knows how to build me wooden gardens and landscape around it.

Just looking at the lettuce makes me excited to have a fresh salad with some good oil and vinegar and some homemade bread. Top that off with some local eggs and some canned beets, throw some grated mozzarella cheese, and some organic wine. hmmmm yum!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad Predictions

  • "This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us." -- Western Union internal memo, 1876.
  • "The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?" -- David Sarnoff's associates in response to his urgings for investment in the radio in the 1920s.
  • "We don't like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out." -- Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles, 1962.
  • "So we went to Atari and said, 'Hey, we've got this amazing thing, even built with some of your parts, and what do you think about funding us? Or we'll give it to you. We just want to do it. Pay our salary, we'll come work for you.' And they said, 'No.' So then we went to Hewlett-Packard, and they said, 'Hey, we don't need you. You haven't got through college yet.'" -- Apple Computer Inc. founder Steve Jobs on attempts to get Atari and HP interested in his and Steve Wozniak's personal computer.
  • "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." -- Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.
  • "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." -- Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977.
  • "The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order to earn better than a 'C', the idea must be feasible." -- A Yale University management professor in response to Fred Smith's paper proposing reliable overnight delivery service. (Smith went on to found Federal Express Corp.)
I was reading all the blogs that I follow in my Bloglines list and came across this post by Brunette on a Budget. This really spoke to me, especially lately. I am doing what I feel is right and just. I have people telling me that I am wrong, blah blah, guess what I don't care anymore. I'm at that point where I am going about my merry little way like I had been. My mojo is coming back and with more vengeance than ever.

Just ran~1/2 a mile

This is a HUGE feat for me. I have never been a runner. Even when i was under 100 lbs all my high school years, I never could run. I'd get that stitch in my side or lose interest. I am a highly stressful person. I have anxiety that waxes and wanes and is a constant underlying condition. I also tend to go in bursts of energy where I can outdo most people in getting stuff done and fast (and well) or tuckering out quicker than others too.

I figured learning to run would be beneficial and helpful. I needed an exercise outlet and an anxiety outlet. Lately I've been going through some testing and trying times. There are old emotions, silly people, thoughts, time, and being sick that are all weighing me down. Today I read my girl friend's blog and listened to some of her youtube videos and read about her journey towards fitness. I just had to do something tonight.

I hopped on the treadmill, turned on the tv. I started out walking just to warm up, then decided I'd try running AGAIN...I always start out and get bored or give up. I started out too fast, then I decided to go slower and see if I could go farther/longer if I was going slower. Sure enough, I was lasting. I made it to a 1/2 a mile. This may sound like a very minute amount of running, but I am beyond happy and know that I can hit the 1 mile mark pretty soon.

I know what I'll be working :)

Tastefully Simple Party-yum!

It was a great party!!! I wish you all could have come. It was amazingly delicious. We sampled over 20 products from the Spring/Summer Tastefully Simple line. I fell in love with the line when I got the catalogs for my party.

Some of the most popular items were the Beer Bread Mix, Onion Onion, Garlic Garlic, Artichoke and Spinach Warm Dip... We tried a whole lot more, but those were my all time favorites. These really topped off the party. I am craving all of those and can't wait to start selling this. I am thinking of who will get gifts and what I will make next.

I'm so sorry that I forgot to take pictures. I even told handsome that I wanted to take pictures. We were having TOO much fun and food. Lol. I had a great group of friends and we just talked the whole time while saying hmmm, yumm, wow. I'll try to take pictures when I have a party of some sort next time .

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trade in your old electronics

The Nextworth/Target Partnership Trade In encourages everyone to trade in their electronics for a Target Gift Card. Sounds like a good deal to me. I never know what to do with old electronics that I have outgrown. Lol

The website even has a place to type in your electronic and see how much it's worth. The steps are easy to follow to:
  1. Start by finding your product and get an instant quote. (You can simply type the name of your item in the search box at the top of every page.) Type keywords slowly. The search results will be automatically refined to help you find what you are looking for!
  2. Print the pre-paid shipping label at the end of the transaction.
  3. Carefully pack the items and apply the pre-paid shipping label to your package. Give it to your local postal carrier or drop it by a post office.
  4. Once we receive the item, we make sure that the item is in the condition described.
  5. Please allow us approximately ten business days, from when we inspect your item(s), to when we initiate your payment.

Chris Thile- You're an Angel and I'm Gonna Cry

This is a song that I am always listening to when I visit one of my favorite blogs: Home is Where the Heart Is It is just beautiful. Sort of a backwoodsy/folky sound.

Perfect for Spring

I am really digging the LL Bean Signature Collection. This is what I've been wanting from them for so long. I adore the plaid shirt and the skinny jean capris. I have some shoes that are very similar. I was never a huge LL Bean fan because I tend to like designer clothing, but they are really starting to appeal to me, maybe because I am a teacher and comfort, durability, and then fashion are what I look for. Something that I'd wear to teach in and wear everyday is what I have been in search of. I also recently switched my Credit Card to LL Bean and have always had wonderful service with them. Not to mention you earn rewards with them. I see some more rewards racking up in my future.

Burning the candle at both ends

I totally have been burning my candle and I have run out of wick. I am now fighting a pretty bad cold. 1st one this year though :) I always get them from the little kids that I teach. Lol

I have been helping with the Jennifer Daugherty cause and working and running around like normal for errands, commitments, etc. My weekends don't consist of any down time. Mind you I would never change what has been going on. :)

What I am working toward is worth every minute of time that I've put into it. When you feel so passionate about something all the way from you gut you have to go on with it. That is just what I am doing. I'll keep you all posted as soon as I can!

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Laurel for Jennifer Daugherty

Laurel: To remembering Jennifer Daugherty. About 700 memorial bracelets were distributed over a three-hour period at a fundraiser for Ms. Daugherty's family in Greensburg. Without question, Daugherty's torture and murder last month have had a profound impact: People, mostly strangers, are lining up to show their support weeks later. What's revealed is the resilient fabric of a caring, close-knit community.

As seen in the Tribune Review

They have a section with Lances (negative things) and Laurels (positive things). This made me smile.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Enchanted Moment

I had to run downtown today for some errands. I had to get some medicine, run to the bank to get money out, pay my car insurance, and mail things at the post office. I thought I'd stop by a newish local store that is set up to be a relaxing spa like experience. The couple that owns the business posts on the local blog and I wanted to meet them in person. I popped in and they were working on their sign, needless to say hours later I left.

We talked and talked and talked. They gave me a tour of their business and all the rooms. Soooo relaxing. Not sure which is my favorite. I sampled the cinnamon scrub and fell in love with it. I also got to try out a paraffin wax hand treatment. OMGosh they both were amazing. Now if only the rest of my body had gotten this treatment. The scrub smells so good and I love how it is all natural.

Heather is the owner of The Enchanted Moment. They are going to be holding classes from things such as Reiki, Holistic teachings, to Positive Thinking, etc. I'm super excited to have this in my town. I am also waiting to get some of the organic/vegan makeup that will be coming in.

If you want to order your own scrub you can email Heather at

The energy and feeling that is present in TEM was amazing. Time just MELTED away. I could've stayed all day. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Jennifer Daugherty Website

I keep posting about Jennifer and I can't help it. It is on our minds. When I first found out about her murder that night I could not sleep. I kept seeing her face when I closed my eyes, almost haunting me. Now it's a little different. It's almost comforting.

There is a gentleman that has made a webpage that is all about Jennifer and her story. There you can read about her, what went on, and what you can do. I will warn you, it IS graphic, the details of what they did to her. If I can just keep her memory alive it will be all worthwhile in posting about her.

A Simple Day

Something that I love to do from time to time is have a day in my town. It is a simple day, usually just getting some coffee, shopping, walking around the whole town, and eating lunch at one of the restaurants.

I love having people visit me so that we can have a "tourist" day. I'm hoping to have one of these days this coming Wed. with handsome's cousin. She is going through so much stress with the murder of her sister and all that comes with that. I almost wish that we could have a spa day together.

Some of my favorite shops to check out are:

Abigails- the coffee shop that is right on the Diamond, in the brick building beside the Library. They have great coffee, it's a nice small ma and pa owned place, amazing chicken salad sandwiches and my favorite place to sit is the comfy pleather couch. I get a drink to go and head out to the shops.

Library- I like to see what books are in the "Re-Readables" or the used bookstore that is inside the library, you never know what you'll find.

The Treehouse- Just down from the Library and beside the Post Office. They have little kid clothes that are adorable, but as some of you know I do not have kids just yet, so I go there for Lilly Pulitzer clothing. She has great stuff on the sales rack and stays up to date on the latest LP.

Dovecote- Same building as The Treehouse, has antiques, decor, and an everchanging selection of furniture, pictures, painting, chandeliers, etc. I have bought 2 paintings from there that I look at and enjoy every day.

Joes Bar- They have a huge outrageous collection of stuffed animals, I don't mean plush, both upstairs and downstairs in the back room. Elephant, Giraffe, Deer, Tigers, Antelope, Bears, Snakes, Kangaroo, etc...

The Finishing Touch- Down the street, same side, just cross the street running across. They have Vera Bradley, gifts, and Byers Choice. It's a more mature store, but there are things that I like to look at for gifts, buy.

The Toy Soldier- Down the street on the left. Little hole in the wall with handpainted soldiers from different eras. He has Magic Cards, Star Wars figures, etc.

The Curiosity Shop- A skip down the street from The Toy Soldier. She has everything all used and on consignment. Great deals and buys there. Be prepared to hunt for treasure.

Wicked Googly- Hop across the street for a drink or some good food. Go bowling.

The Ligonier Tavern- Across the street but on the same side. Food and drink, Artichoke dip is amazing and has won awards.

The Paper House- just up the street from the Tavern. She has Polish Pottery, Cards, Country decorating gifts, Lilly Pulitzer stationery and cards.

Persnickety- Up around the Diamond. Expensive, but gorgeous decor for your home and unique gifts.

The Toy Box- Down the street from Persnickety, heading out of town. TOYS TOYS TOYS, Playmobil, Games, Stuffed animals, puppets, marionettes, collector dolls, etc.

The Celtic Shop- up from Persnickety and around the bend. Imported goods from the British Isles.

Amica- up from the Celtic Shop, same side, just across the street running through. Amazing selection of gifts for anyone! My friend now owns this and everyone shops there for gifts and for themselves. Love it!

G Squared- Across the street and heading back to the Diamond. Artsy gifts. Handsome got me pearls from there. I'm in love with them. Unique handcrafted gifts from artisans.

Currant Thymes- Beside G Squared. Everything and everything for the kitchen/home.

Martin's- On the Diamond beside the Town Hall. Shoes, Woolrich, Columbia, apparel, and shoes.

Antiques on the Diamond- Two doors down from Martin's. Antiques and some awesome very different antiques.

This is my normal route, sometimes I venture to other places, but this is the typical simple day.

Run Run Run

I feel like I didn't even have a weekend, LOL. It's ok, I'm not really complaining. I'm quite thankful for all that I get to do. Had to squeeze everything in for this past weekend.

Friday night the family and handsome went to "Beauty and the Beast" that was put on by the neighboring high school. My mum was playing oboe/English horn in the pit. She did an amazing job. She really added to the serious or lovey scenes. The cast was a wonderful cast of high schoolers. I was so pleased to read in the program that many of the cast take private voice, dance, and acting lessons. That says a lot, that there is a great interest in musicals and acting! It was almost a packed theater and that theater holds a good number, probably around 1000 people.

Saturday we rode down to the DC airport to take handsome's boss and wife. It was a nice ride and good company. We arrived around 4:30 found a Ruby Tuesdays, at my favorite Carolina Chicken Salad and headed to the Leesburg Outlet Stores. We went to Ralph Lauren Polo and spent our wad of money. I got three t-shirt with polo designs and a black long sleeved shirt. Handsome got a pair of jeans, khakis, and a t-shirt. They had a deal spend $250 and get $50 off. Between the two of us we achieved this easily. We headed back and stopped at his old friend's house and hung out with his girlfriend and her son. We didn't get back home until past midnight. Needless to say I was so tired and just wanting to be in my bed.

Morning came quickly and handsome came in to take me to church and get his weekly dose of church in. As soon as church was out we ran up to his family on the mountain and gave them some memory bracelets and ran back down to Greensburg to handout the bracelets and accept donations. The one lady that was so kind during the Candlelight Vigil to let her coffee shop be the drop off for candles, she let us meet there to hand out the bracelets. Out of 1000 we are left with 300 or slightly under. We are going to take them to the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser.

I am dragging today, but feel oddly accomplished.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jennifer Daugherty, Rest In Peace

I had tried to not post about this, but it is heavy on my heart. My handsome's first cousin, Jennifer Daugherty was tortured for 36 hours, killed, and thrown away in a garbage can that was placed at a local middle school. This was not in my town, but a neighboring city that is 30 minutes away. Jennifer was a 30 year old woman that loved life and loved meeting people. She was mentally challenged and had the mind of a 12-14 year old. She could hold down a simple job, was always clean and presentable, held conversations, etc. She was extra loving and trusting, a wonderful example for all of us. Jennifer thought she was going over to her "friends" house to eat dinner and watch a movie. She got on a bus from her parent's house and left with a smile thinking that she was out for a fun time with her friends, only to never return.

I have watched some of what the family has had to go through. As if it weren't enough that they had to arrange her funeral and go through the red tape of that, they had to sit through the horrific details that were presented at the preliminary trial today. The 6 monsters that all took part in the torture and killing of Jennifer showed no remorse and some even laughed and smiled when the confessions were played.

This could have happened to anyone's mother, sister, aunt, cousin, daughter, friend, girlfriend. Several of the monsters had been arrested before and the one was arrested 3 times for violence against his ex wife, ex girlfriend and mother. Judge Debra Pezze let him go all three times. Something is wrong with this.

My heart breaks for them. I am still trying to think what I could do for them and what others can do to help. I wish I could take away the pain.

Giant Eagle

Our little town only has one place to shop for groceries, Giant Eagle, or as some in my family call it "Big Bird". So they have the monopoly on groceries in town.

I tend to spend a lot on groceries. I like to eat healthy and of quality. I will buy store brand or generic if I KNOW what goes into it all. That is few and far between. I believe that quality doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, but I will cough up the tagged amount in order to get it. I have 83 year old grandparents that still travel and do everything that people years younger do, sometimes slower, but they stay active. My Mammy attributes it to eating well. She grew up with meat and potatoes and swears by how she eats. I'd say she is a good advertisement of it. They can tomatoes, pears, peaches, green beans, asparagus, make jelly, pear preserve, and other things that they keep in the basement. I know the value of having foods on hand that are healthy and high quality.

I have been looking into ways to afford the organic food at Giant Eagle a little better. I must say it is hard to try to eat healthy and be on a budget. I understand why people that have lower incomes buy the easy or more junkish foods. I am always tempted to because it's cheaper!!!

I clip coupons every Sunday, do I remember to take them and my own reusable bags with me when I go to the GE, NOPE. That's a fail for me. I keep getting inspired by Vanessa and how she gets her groceries for almost free. It takes some time and a little elbow work, but I am seeing how I too can get my groceries for almost free. Better to keep the money in my savings than in the company's savings...Vanessa told me that one :)

Clip away and figure it out, it pays off.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bzzagent-word of mouth website

I have been a member of Bzzagent for awhile, but had gotten away from it. Well, now I'm back and with vengeance. Vanessa from Johnstown Money Saving reminded me of it and now I am back on board and loving it.

When you join Bzzagent you get to weigh in what you think about different things. There are websites that you take a look at and then post your opinion on, surveys that you take so that they can tailor the websites to your interests, and other things to do to spread the word and influence marketing.

There are different levels that you attain. Right now I am a solitary bee, but as I attain points and stay active I'll move up in the "hive". When you're higher up you get early invites to things and there are more and more perks. I can't wait to move up!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Expired Coupons Get New Life

I am guilty of throwing away perfectly good coupons, let alone expired coupons. I have been chatting with my friend about her wonderful knowledge on couponing. To me she is a pro, one of those people that get free things and get her groceries for free. For the longest time I could not figure out what Catalinas were or other coupon lingo. She has been educating me and cluing me in to the wonderful world of coupons.

Her blog JohnstownMoneySaving "Saving Money Using the Net" is packed with awesome info on how to get groceries for free or close to nothing. I was just clipping some coupons and we were talking about the different terms and lingo when she said she sends her expired ones to the military. I've been meaning to do this for years. I just never knew where to send them! Her Feb. 4th post tells you all about where to send your expired coupons to so that the military men and women overseas can use them. I will be doing this!!!


I just adore playing house. I say that because I do not own my own house yet, but still enjoy doing the typical things for it.

I adore decorating, probably would do more if it were MY house. I like a combination of styles. I can never just pinpoint and settle on one particular style. I guess I am more farmhouse style lately. Think the latest pottery barn style. I like things that have sentimental value and a story. I'd rather something old and banged up rather than something just made in china by the 100s. I enjoy quality, but I can also enjoy something so simple and cheap. I love handmade things and if they are a gift that's even better!

Another thing that I enjoy that is very domestic is cleaning. I get giddy just thinking about reading up and having things all sparkly and in order. It's funny because you can tell if my life is busy and chaotic by how I'm keeping house. Things are thrown in their wrong places, but in a blink of an eye I can get them all organized. My mum always says you had a huge mess, but you clean in up faster than you made it. I love the smell of cleaning products, even though it is not healthy. I love the scent of pledge or wood cleaning products especially.

Laundry, it is the one thing that I have a love/hate relationship with. I think because the washer/dryer is in the basement so that means 2 flights of stairs to carry my laundry down to. That is the only thing that I don't like and that is why I sometimes put off doing my laundry. I just love to get into a bed with clean sheets. I'm goofy, I will not sit or be in my bed unless it is night clothes or clean clothes. I like the way clean laundry smells and feels.

Grocery shopping is another thing that I like to do, especially in the morning. If only I were better with coupons, but I am learning more about that from a dear friend of mine.

I try to do these things in a happy manner and imagine the happy faces in the advertisements from the 40s and 50s of women doing these things. It works for me, so I do it.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finally found my voice

I have loved blogging and exploring the blog world, but something was missing. I wasn't sure what it was, but I just knew it wasn't whole. I have found my voice and my style. I have a special friend that helped me through this without truly knowing that she did.

Kim at Home is Where the Heart is has helped me.
Her blog was inspiring and just her personality. We are constantly sending each other links to blogs that we think each other will love. Our tastes are similar and our dreams and values kindred. Thank you so much Kim for guiding me and helping me find my voice in blogging land. xox

I am just so thrilled that it all has hit me and come together. Now the transformation begins!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Dayssssss x 4

I know you'd think that since I had 4 days off from work that I'd be posting on here. Au contraire mon amie, I totally was decluttering and cleaning and it feels SOOO good!!! I have piles of clothes and trinkets to go to the salvation army and some to go to the consignment store.

I'm still so upset at myself. I have 2 rebates from Verizon that are Visa cards, do you think that I can find them.... NO!!!! Wth I really would like to find them and USE them. Oy. I put them in that "safe place" the dreaded one that you can never find again.

Well I bid you adieu and off I go to declutter some more.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine's Day My Way

My wonderful handsome wanted to take me to my favorite place, Bedford Springs, for Valentine's Day. He emailed the hotel to ask what they offer for V-day and forwarded it to me. I was so surprised that he would take me there because it is not an everyday place, it's rather expensive. I love that place and to me it's for special occasions.

I looked at the menu options and made my decision. This was several weeks before V-day so I thought we had time. Well just last week we called and the only opening was 9:30pm for dinner at the room we wanted. Ok, I have to wake up early the next morning and we are over an hour away. I won't be able to relax. We decided against that. Another time just because.

To me I'd be happy with a nice bottle of champagne and a home cooked meal or just an everyday place. We had the best New Years Eve ever with a bottle of Dom Perignon and each other. Simple and sweet, but with what matters. Call me silly, but my recipe is- good company + simple meal + bottle of Clicquot = the BEST time ever.

LL Bean and Me

I had my first real credit card with LL Bean... mainly because that is what my family used. It was fine, it was nice getting the coupon rewards towards free stuff. I hated their website for paying online. This was through Bank of America. Then, they broke away and went with some other company.
When my card expired I decided to go for one that would give me rewards for my future child's education. Yes, call me whatever, I like to plan ahead and be set. That is just who I am. I had one with Citi that opened a Upromise account. I loved my Citi card, their statements, and their website. They were fabulous and I never had 1 single issue with them EVER. Then, the Upromise card switched companies and then I was stuck with Bank of America again... I have had 2 different incidents with fraud and now I'm having my doubts about where it's coming from. I read "I See Rude People" by Amy Alkon and she mentions how it was an inside job when she had fraud on her Bank of America account.

So I decided to LEAVE BOA and go back to my old faithful LL Bean card. They have great customer service, they genuinely care, and you get coupons to put towards goodies. Their stuff is quality and doesn't wear out. I do remember reading that if it does they will replace it. I like how it's casual and sturdy. I'm not a huge fan of the LL Bean style but for teaching I'm all about it. I have already picked out what I want for my first purchase on my card :)

It feels good to be back with a card company that I can trust. Peace of mind.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mango bag for Haiti Fundraiser

Check out the Mango bag line that will be available in March. I just love the map of Haiti and how this is super simple but intriguing to the eye. It's a bag I'm interested in!

This is my town...

Ok, well a few years It's funny though, it hasn't changed entirely that much. That is part of the charm. We have our "Diamond", or to those that aren't from around here the town square or circle, that is lined with shops, restaurants, bars, antique stores that are almost outnumbering anything else, and just the Pleasantville, Stars Hollow, Mayberry style of living.

This photo was used on the placemats at one of our local restaurants. I loved looking at it and imagining all the people that had lived here before my time.

Saving up nickels and dimes

Well.. I think it would take me entirely too long if I just saved those in order to get the purse that I am drooling over. I love love love the Neverfull PM Damier Azur purse from Louis Vuitton. Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with LV. I have a small collection of new and used pieces and constantly am growing that collection.

I like this purse because it reminds me of spring and summer. I love the warmth and sun that comes with those two seasons and the light color makes me think of the dresses and clothing that I wear during those times. This purse would go so well with the outfits I wear and it has plenty of room to put things in it.

I can picture myself walking along on the sidewalk in a dress with my sunglasses on and a pair of espadrilles with this on my shoulder and a few shopping bags in hand on a sunny summer day.

This will be put into a small budget. I have my winter purses and this will be my spring/summer purse. :)

Jewelry + Refreshments = TOO MUCH FUN

This past Saturday I hosted my Kickoff Silpada Jewelry Party. When I first signed up to be an Independent Representative I knew when I'd have my party and booked it right away. I invited lots of people knowing that just like a wedding that not everyone that you invite comes.

I cleaned the house the week before and did a quick cleaning a few days before the party. I ran around that morning making last minute errands, the grocery store for light appetizers-pillsbury 3 for $10 finger food things (I'll try to get the name of them, they were delicious), homemade brownies that are my Mammy's specialty (a popular favorite for anyone), pumpkin dip for chips, pretzels, and sunflower baguette bread, some fake chicken or vegetarian chicken nuggets that everyone loved and couldn't believe were not real chicken, and paczquis-the jelly filled donut with sugar on the outside. I ran to the liquor store to get some 2 bottles red wine of merlot and cabernet sauvignon and 1 chardonnay and champagne. I had a bottle of Coke and of course water available, I offered to make fresh coffee, but there were no takers.

I put them out on a card table that had my favorite table cloth- white with gold stars- on and put a cream blanket on the coffee table to display the jewelry, catalogs, and information.

An hour and a half before the party I took a shower and got all "dolled" up, went down to put the food in the oven to heat up, open the wine and get ready for some jewelry fun.

My guests arrived a half hour early and helped me put the refreshments out and test them. LOL The early guests were my handsome's family, aunt, 2 cousins, and their 3 kids amongst them. I forgot to get coloring books so I got my Mammy to run to the Dollar store for crayons and coloring books. That's what happens when you either have adult parties or no little ones over ever.

I had around 6 guests that came through out the 1pm -4pm time frame. They had fun munching on food, trying on jewelry, talking with the other partygoers, and trying on the jewelry/looking at the book and having some pop or wine.

Some guests could not come and placed orders before and after the party. In total I had 16 guests and some possible bookings. It was a huge success considering it was my first party/show. I am still touched by all the support and sweetness that I got from my friends and family.

I loved chatting with friends and catching up. What a truly great way to have an excuse to have a party!?

Note: I meant to take pictures of the party and totally forgot while having so much fun!!!

My New Silpada Business

I just had to share my excitement with you all!! I'm so giddy I can't stand it!

In January I decided to jump into selling jewelry, Silpada Jewelry to be exact. I'm sure some of you have heard of it. People are independent representatives that sell the jewelry.

The jewelry is .925 sterling silver jewelry the same quality as Tiffany & Co. jewelry. The jewelry is sturdy and I should know because I am rough on my own. If something is not sterling silver I turn green and my jewelry eats away and breaks.

There are three ways to have fun with the jewelry. Home Parties, Book Parties, or becoming a rep yourself. The three services are offered to fit your own needs.

If you want to earn FREE jewelry you hold a home party. Home parties are held at your house, restaurant, or wherever the location may be, with the hostess supplying some light refreshments and the fun atmosphere, there is no pressure and just fun to be had. Ladies can try on the jewelry that the representative brings. The rep lets you dress up and try on the jewelry and see pieces live. The orders are taken then and there (outside orders can be gathered from people that could not make it to the party) and the rep totals up the amount of jewelry that the guests bought to determine how much the hostess earns.

For example if there is $500 of jewelry sold the hostess gets $150 free in jewelry. The typical total for party sales is around $950. It is VERY easy to do when you're having so much fun at the party trying on the jewelry with friends. If the total is $950 the hostess earns $285 in free jewelry! There are monthly specials/incentives and if guests book a party you get a bonus as well. For January the special was a $100 jewelry bonus for having 10 orders. February's bonus is $50 worth of jewelry for hosting a party with 10 orders.

Book parties are when the hostess gathers orders herself and turns them into the rep. This can be a very simple and easy way to get orders. There is no location and it's all mobile/portable. The same example applies to this.

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Representative it is easy. You let me know or your rep and we get the paperwork for you and you fill it out, pay a small fee, and mail it in. It is so much fun picking out what jewelry you want to start with, plus you get everything 50% off this time.

You can go to my website and look at the jewelry by clicking on the jewelry catalog option at the top. It's a quick way to check out the awesome jewelry.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comfy Shoes Mission

I am on a mission to find comfy shoes. I'm not sure what is my problem, my back, neck, and feet hurt so I'm assuming comfy yet proper supporting shoes would help me alleviate and eliminate these problems. I'm tired of being in pain. I'll get back to you all when I find out more on this subject.

A Mellow Time Had By All

This is what I like to do most Tuesday nights. Mellow Mike is what we call it. It started last fall of '08 and has been going strong since. MM has endured some changes but the general feel has lasted throughout.

When I was away at college there was this neat little coffee shop, super simple, but had lots of personality. I started to go there all the time and enjoyed what went on there, some informal music and readings. I liked how it was an option instead of going uptown to the bars. I would get a caramel macchiato or a cafe latte and sit down either to chit chat with friends, study, and enjoy the different readings and music. I begged and posted on the local blog about getting something going. There were other people that wanted this to happen so the lady that started the blog began by holding MM and being in charge of it. She is still doing it today. We're at a different location, we used to be at the Ivy's Cafe, but because of it being upstairs and that being their only room so when a large party would book it we'd have to move. Now we're at the Ligonier Tavern and have the whole front room to ourselves.

People come and play guitar, keyboard, Indian flutes, sitar, drums, etc. and everyone else sings their hearts away. We have Mellow Mike books with the tunes in them, though the book keeps changing, that are placed around the different tables. It's an intimate gathering with tables and chairs cozied up to one another. There's a fire place beside the performing area where we've had music go up in flames. The restaurant manager welcomes us with open arms and keeps the drinks flowing along with the food.

For my boyfriend and I it is our night out.

Monday, January 25, 2010

This Made My Night

Look at all the expressions...they need captions.

My Romance With Cupcakes

This year I have realized that I have a love, that love is cupcakes. There's something about them that is just so special. I'm not big on sweets, let alone cake, but give me a cupcake and honey I will be basking in it. I adore how cute they are. Something that is small, round, and can be consumed in a few bites if you want to savor it or one single bite if you wish to devour it just is so special. I like how the icing can be any color imaginable and fun confetti can be added.

When I was at the local grocery store the other day, I went down only for some milk and scavenged for cappuccino coolers and came up empty handed, I came out with a container of cupcakes. They just were sitting so pretty, 3 each vanilla and chocolate. They are even Valentines Day cupcakes, the confetti is little red, pink, and white hearts.

Guess what I enjoyed when I came home from work... :-D

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I See Rude People by Amy Alkon

A friend of mine lent me the book because we are always talking about manners and how they used to matter. Well, to some of us they still do and that is what the book is about.

I like how Amy describes her experiences with the rude people and how she handled it. She has dealt with car thieves, telemarketers, rude children with rude parents, cell phone abusers, and more. She encourages people to call others out on their rude behaviors and bring standards back.

The way she writes is as if she has been a friend for years and you are reliving those moments. It is aggressive and pro-active in advice and experiences. Amy has received lots of heat for her words and actions. She definitely has chutzpah.

I read the book in a day. It was one of those ones that you just enjoy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little birdie and Iphone

I was just messaged on my Droid by my good friend telling me that the Iphone is coming to Verizon!!!! I have the Droid because I cannot stand AT&T and will never ever use them again. My experience has been years ago, but they were horrible. I had so many issues. One of the issues was getting a phone that apparently didn't work in my town ?! I even did the online thingy where you put in your zip code etc. We had issues with customer service, billing, and contracts. They are a nightmare to say the least.

I am beyond happy that I will finally get to have my Mac fix in the cell phone category. I already have a MacBook and love it dearly. I am a Macgirl for life! Although I am happy with my Droid, I probably will splurge for the Iphone :) I'm a techie and just love the latest. For Christmas I got the Ipod Touch and played on it all the time. I love the set up!

You can check out the article for yourself here

Friday, January 8, 2010

My growing collection of Wade whimsies. I love searching for them. Never know which ones you'll find. I've been lucky I've had people find them and give them to me.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Playroom into Library

I have started off the new year with a BANG! The one room that I had been wanting to tackle has been tackled and hard.

What used to be the "Play Room" or place where we housed toys and junk is now changing into a library/music library and exercise room. I have gone through the old books, kept what I love or care to revisit, ditched the ones that I thought someone else could enjoy and threw away junk, old papers, and gave away lots.

This is all thanks to the wonderful boyfriend that I have in my life. He knows how I love a tidy and organized house. Contrary to what it usually is my style and habit are pretty Type A and everything has a home and is in it's place.

As a child I had a sparkling room. I actually enjoyed cleaning and making sure everything was tidy. People were amazed. College came and schedules got hairy. I tend to throw things on the floor in my bedroom, mainly clothes, when I have a hectic life. When life slows down all is in reorder. I have come to the realization that less is more. That pertains to my wardrobe, food, material possessions, etc. Less also makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Back to the room- I'm thrilled to see it taking shape. My goal is to use what I already and have and make new use of things that I wouldn't have thought I could use in my decorating scheme.

Cheers to cleaning and organizing. You can then enjoy your home better!