Thursday, August 14, 2008

thurs thoughts

I'm so excited to get this darn (insert expletive) paper finished.  It by far was torture for summer. ugh. I'm thoroughly burnt out on my masters. 

Work is slow because of everyone cramming things in before school starts. 

Can't wait to check out NC in the south. This will be my first time. Lol Who gets to travel and see the british isles and bermuda and such but not the south?! This girlie! haha 

I have a list of lil things I want to hammer out, but where is the time? Been kinda sleepy lately I think because we aren't having anymore sunshine filled days. :( Bring back the true sunshine! I think I'll go back to tanning. 

Been really hopping into my business plan and my love of romantic/creative/shabby chic style! LOVE IT. There are some amazing people out there. 

Thursday, August 7, 2008


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Midday Thurs musings

So it is a nice cool sunny day! Pretty nice for August. No dog days yet. I wish I was outdoors though enjoying it. I hate being inside in the summer. winter no prob! I had another Abigail's chicken salad sandwich today, just been craving them. lol 

Slow day in the shop. Doing homework, dusting, reading about finances, and dreaming.

I bought a ton of clothes from Junk Gypsy a secret goal is to buy all the clothes that they offer :-p I love their stuff and the fact that noone else really has their stuff around here.  That reminds me to make my own Ligonier clothes:)

I have a massage tomorrow at 1pm!!! hmmmm Can't wait. 

Paid my CC bill well half of it. I plan to hack it all away soon!:)

Bday is coming up on the 24th :) I'll be attending the Renaissance Festival that day to celebrate. Can't think of a finer way to celebrate anyway. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


virgins saints and sinners  I am in love with! 

hump day!

Hump day! 

Well I just ate an Abigails chicken salad sandwich, always been my fav! I had to take a gift over to a merchant that her hubby bought her for their anniversary so cute!!!! 

My back is KILLING me and makes me feel ill. Oh well. I'm hammering out the homework. Hard to believe I have 1 class left till I'm DONE! woohoo. 

I'm happy August is here but also sad. My birthday is on the 24th so that's always nice but then school starts haha ugh. Love the kids but love the summer more hehe. 

Got my plane ticket for NC and can't wait. Life is stressful lately but this too shall pass.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday musings

Back is KILLING me tonight, just relaxing when I should be putting the final touches on my paper and get it together oy! 

Babysat the boys today and took them to Lig beach. They were super good and we had a great time. We had fun with the rented raft and ate chicken fingers with fries and had dr. pepper. I'm whooped though! 

I def got sun though from being there! Hair is bleached out and my back is a lil red. 

I have my plane ticket to NC all purchased and I can't wait.  I'll visit my honey and see my cousins aunt and uncle and my cousin's new baby Bella. :) 

Friday, August 1, 2008


I completely 100% decluttered this house!! From around 9-4 with only a break for lunch at Ivys with my mum. I got the portobello and stacked veggie sandwich with the delicious half sweet potato half reg potato chips hmmmmm and a big luscious pickle to eat! It was delicious and the tea is always good! 

I got rid of so much stuff. Trying to downsize my stuff. Ideally I'd love to fit all my belongings in a room. hehe not a house. If I ever move that will help.  

Started out the morning with a nice walk with the dog and ipod. Thinking of going again really soon! I still have some more decluttering to do. Hoping to lose a few pounds, less calories in and more active. 

Def will have a lil wine tonight while I relax. 

Paper is coming along great, but I have been obsessed with the mobster game on myspace hehe.