Thursday, July 24, 2008


Getting my paper written, it's a lil mismashed, but it will come together.  I'll be glad when it's done. Is it December yet? hehe 

I have the FG christmas in july swap all set and ready to ship!! I put alot of nice stuff together for it.  

Tomorrow the man of my dreams pops in.  I am debating whether to shop (prob shouldn't) or go to Lig beach (if it doesn't rain).  I'm leaning towards the latter.  I do need to clean the house, I could clean in the morning then lunch time go out to the beach for a few hours. 

I'm seeing such a difference in the thighs from doing pilates. My back is killing me today though. :( 

Working today then cleaning and homework tonight. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I did my pilates tonight for the buns and thighs and then I did some turbo jam, but I was so wiped out I didn't continue.  I see such a fast difference when I use pilates! Now if I could lose actual pounds that'd be nice.  

I need to really get rid of stuff.  I could make some moolah and declutter! :) That's next on the list. This paper needs to finish then I'll clean.  

I have the package for my Farmgirl Christmas in July swap all set. I sent out the sympathy card to my gf from the Tavern, she lost her father.  I just counted my spare money and am happy with what I have.  Now debating whether to invest it or pay for my car insurance BLAH! hehe. That'd be awesome if I sold stuff and got enough for the insurance cost. 

Bought a LV backpack and am so excited! :) woohoo

todays musings

well today is work, I spent some $$ at Barnes and Noble. I did homework there and browsed. I got my fav magazine Romantic Homes and then went to the financial weakness haha. I love to read up on finance.  The one I dove into is Guide to Investing. 

I'm trying to finish up my paper for my class ED933.  It's fun but a lil dry. Why can't I write about purses? Not many abstracts on that. Sigh. I just bid on a LV purse (backpack).  I think I need those for my back.  

Not in the mood for cheesy jazz style music that is being played on the diamond. It's making me tired. 

This weekend I get to meet up with my man :) So excited. :):) can you tell? 

  • Need to clean the house
  • Print coupons and make grocery list
  • clean my room
  • do laundry
  • Exercise

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Life has been hectic. 

Went on a vacation with family for 5 days to Lancaster. Visited our Amish friends, shopped at the outlets and local stores, went to Chalfonte to the Byers Choice Factory/Tour/Store.  

Came back and worked like normal.  School has been keeping me tied down with research and writing. OY! I'll be glad when it's all done. 

I've been babysitting on Mondays. Haven't gone to Lig beach in awhile.  Next monday I'll take the boys there and get some sun!

I went to G-burg with fam and spent time at B&N and did homework, got a iced caramel macchiato tall, got my fav magazine Romantic Home and about a bazillion finance books, I love reading about it.  

I keep eyeing up Jimmy Choos that would go great with my knockout Ralph Lauren pants!!! Cha cha heels ya'll. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well it's been super busy for me. Hard to believe that it is July already. I was planning on using my pass to Ligonier Beach, but it is overcast and threatening to rain. I'd be glad if it just rained at night, it is getting old. So far I have gone 5 times to the beach. I need to go at least 25 to pay me back for the pass. 

I was stressing about money and jobs and time and I got a nice lil check from my McDonald's stock. Pleasant surprise from the Universe. What you ask you will get. Called my Auntie in Maine, she'll be here tonight from flying down. I called my Aunt in NC but she was busy getting the grandkids ice cream at the store. Then called my g-ma (dad's mum) to check on her. She's had small health issues. 

I am trying to practice the musical music, but am running into time issues and have a new class that I am behind in. Shoot! I may have to bite the bullet and say goodbye to concentrate on this class. Poop that really makes me think I need to do that. This is class that I am paying for and trying to get ready to do my practicum. OY! 

I am OBSESSEd with Junk Gypsy and their fashion. I adore it and have spent good money on it. That reminds me I bought some couture pants from Ralph Lauren and much to my sadness my butt would not allow the pants to be worn, sent them back with a lil note that I have a big butt and need two sizes up. I'm waiting impatiently. Everything else fit except for that dumb thing! lol I am not a stick I have womanly curves thank you! They were gorgeous and packed better than anything I've ever seen on a hanger and bag cover thing. They have tack going up the leg and are a dark jean color.