Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new year

I would like to do the following:

Record my grandparents and their stories about when they were growing up, life experiences, advice, and family stories.
Blog regularly and become more prominant in the blog communities
Save money
Eat healthy and exercise
Laugh every day, a good hearty laugh from the belly
Play music both on the stereo and on instruments more, had lost my passion since my cousin died, but it is now back.
Live within my means
Be happy and content
Use up what I have before getting new or repurpose things
Work on a book idea
Buy used if possible and if it is still nice
Start to jog and attempt to run
Simplify material possessions
Live more simply
To not be so hard on myself!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It is up

Now I can relax for both holidays and enjoy the company that is expected. I can also just enjoy the little bits that come with both. :-)
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Something simple and happy

I had a bunch of fun last night at our local town's "mellow mike" night. It is like a pub sing, folk sing, instrument playing, poetry reading, get together at the Ligonier Tavern. The vision was for a place where it wasn't a bar and you could enjoy coffee or tea or any drink of your choice, dinner, and listen to a relaxed and informal setting of sounds.

It has really taken off. I try to go when I can, I give lessons on Tuesday nights and that is when it is held. 6:30 pm- now 9:30. We seem to fall short on chairs lately, which is a good thing!

We sing loud and enjoy other music that we really don't know. My handsome and I enjoy each other's company and have made friends from there as well.

You never know what will happen or come out of that night. It's always magical.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Naked pooh

This was my mums pooh bear. He's a good 40 plus years old and you can see time has taken a toll on him sadly. I wish he was coming undone. Though he definitely looks like he has a story to tell!
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Handmade goodness

This part of my collection of handmade dolls. I don't remember who made the sleepy bear I'm guessing auntie.

Next two have distinct style that I grew to love when I was tiny. The lady made these dolls for years and just retired this fort days. They all came with names and the first I ever had was pattycake. Her name hinted what her hands were doing.
Raggedy ann my nana (grandma shireys mother) made me. One of the very few things I have from her.
Another distinct doll style. This blond haired raggedy ann some woman made and my granny bought for me when I was tiny.

The bunny auntie made me and the falling off apron my mum made me.

These are definitely treasures!
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Happy cleaning day!

Something that I've always loved since I was tiny was cleaning and organizing. I love to have everything in its place and be super organized. NOW, I almost fight myself now with doing it. I tell myself that's a waste of time and you could be doing other things. I think this negative talk causes turmoil, because I just love having an organized life.

I can organize anything and do it well. The key is to divide it up and have like stations or areas that are specifically for that and have homes for everything. I think it's fun to try out different ways and see what works best.

I'm looking forward to doing all of that today.

Laundry, I just love the idea of it getting squeaky clean and smelling oh so fresh.
Clean sheets, there was an episode on Dharma and Greg, the show I loved to watch back in the day, and she said it's clean sheet day! We have a joke at home about clean sheet day and that is just what it is. I love crawling into a bed with clean sheets, I would have clean ones everyday if I could!
Ok, as much as I hate chemicals I love the smell of Pledge! I don't know what it is about it that I love but it just makes me feel homey and smile.
Fresh air in a room. I love to open the windows or have circulating air.
Curtains wide open to let the weather in. I was told that keeping the sun shining in will eliminate germs and keep a healthy room, not sure how much that is true, but sounds good.

Excerpt from the fotygraft album

Why how d'do mrs. Miggs? Come right on in. Ma's jist run over t' smith's a minute t' borruh some thread and some m'lasses and a couple uh aigs.

I bought this book at our local library re-readables. Its the used book area where you can purchase them.
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The fotygraft album

I know it looks dull and possibly like a holy bible but it is not. Its a cute 1915 book about a family.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Argyle fun

I just had to share my fun new argyle socks. I went shopping this weekend for socks and tights and matching undie sets. These socks are fun and slightly dressy. For some reason I think of willy wonka when I look at my socks.
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Yes, I just went there. Just got finished with halloween and its not even thanksgiving and I'm already in the christmas mood. Maybe its because I love decorating, making holiday cookies, and thinking about gifts. I'm going to do homemade gifts this year or low cost but high thought gifts. I think with the weather nippy and the nights dark early it is responsible for my holiday spirit!
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's coming all together

Do you know when you feel all in balance and in alignment how things just fall in place? After waiting for awhile to try to figure out a vision I have finally come up with one for a small starting out business. I knew it would come to me and especially when I was in my "little world". My world consists of those things that give me a warm fuzzy and excited feeling. I can't get enough of blogs, french things, european culture, american history, and my small town. That's just a hint!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween pillows

I'm so happy to get these. When I saw them I just had to buy them!! Janets creative pillows has some really cute pillows for just about anyone! I love to see what she comes up with next. I keep meaning to get some of the frenchy ones. These will be hung around the house for halloween to give a lil quirky decorating and fun to the season. Look closely at the pumpkin, boots, and hat. I love the buttons and ribbons. She even tied the bag they came in up with halloween ribbon and sent a lovely card. You have to check her out janetscreativepillows.com. Tell her I sent ya :-)
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So excited

I was getting antsy for this!
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This was what I did today in between a nap and liquids all day. I have come down with the flu that has plagued my small town.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gluten free

This is what is left of a gluten free cookie and brownie. Let me say I did NOT miss the gluten and it was amazingly good! We have a new cafe in town bella donnas bakery and she has organic and gluten free foods. I am going to try the pizza for lunch. Ill let you know how it goes. Saw the sign today and thought there's lunch!
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Divine pumpkin

I love anything pumpkin so I had to start fall out with this pumpkin latte. Its something I get every fall and live on. May your fall be filled with pumpkin dreams.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My fall color

I'm loving the warm color of this nail polish. Check out the title, celebrity bash. Doesn't that say it all? Its a darker almost blood red but has that warm tone to it like fall has. Think of the dark red leaves. This is similar. I had to get a color for fall. The pastel pink and fench manicure was not cutting it. Gotta have the warmth and bask in the glories of fall.
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The Law of Attraction

I truly believe in The Secret. I was a skeptic before, but I have seen it work. It all makes sense. You attract things to yourself. Put out good energy and you get good things back, put out bad energy and you attract bad things. The law of attraction.

This summer I was enjoying some "free time" after getting my masters degree in Instructional Design. I applied at all the big name companies here, even ones that were not hiring, but figured it couldn't hurt. I know with the way the economy is going some places are advertising jobs, but seem to be dragging their feet and taking time to fill the position. Just by a fluke, or was it, I ran into the kindergarten teacher/friend at the farmers market. She informed me that the computer teacher was leaving and the position was open. Most people have no clue about my masters degree and what it is. I have had so many people tune out what I say and my explanation as to what it is and they just hear in......design. They fill that in with Interior Design. Well as much as I love that as a hobby, no it was not a masters in that. So the principal thought it was in interior design and wondered why the teacher was telling her about me. I got a call that day offering the position. So I got a job without even applying for it! Of course they have all my paper work and information already.

This has happened before....I had wanted to try my hand out at playing at a church and sure enough an ex bfs father came down to my work at the time and said to call them up cause I could have the job.

I've been wanting to build up my private lessons, but not all about advertising so I put it out and I have a growing number of students.

Put it out there and it will come to you. I can't count how much things are coming my way lately. Attract what you want. Think and dream of what you want and it will come. You might think that it is wild and you will never have what you have, turn that into a positive. I will have this, I want this. See what happens!!! It's like magic, but all coming from God, after all he made the universe.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My treat

I'm feeling oh so special with one of my favorite treats today. Nothing like a little sparkle on a cold wet dreary day.
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Monday, August 10, 2009


After much deliberation and thought I finally decided what the essentials were that I needed for holiday decorating...well and then a few extras. I now have everything in the cozy underneath of the steps. I now have decided on a new project, to make a little curtain to cover this during the off season of decorating. The feeling of relief is great and I just adore organizing.
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Gift Giving

"Give experiences as gifts, not stuff. Instead of shopping for someone come birthdays or Christmas, think of an experience you can give them instead. A date with you, doing something fun, hanging out, cooking, playing, talking, exploring. A fun time at a park or beach. Something other than everyday. An experience is much more meaningful than an object." This is taken from the article from Zen Habits that I just mentioned.

I have already made up my mind that I am making homemade or as close to homemade/handmade gifts for Christmas and Birthdays.
One reason was the cost of things and how ridiculous gift giving can get. I am always flattered that I have been thought of by so many people, but I also appreciate a card with a handwritten note in it just as much!
The second reason is that when I have given handmade gifts the reaction that people have to receiving that gift is better or more so than getting something mass made. Last Christmas my family exchanged some gifts that were made by women in 3rd world countries and that with the purchase of them it helps them to have a better life and support themselves. To me that is meaningful as well.

A particular gift that I am looking to give is canned goods. People go crazy for the peaches we can and you'd think that we gave them something that cost 100's of dollars. Though I am biased the peaches are delicious and I have yet to have any that are better!

I also agree that taking someone out for a meal and good conversation could be the best gift they could receive. Or a simple cup of wonderful coffee and company. It truly IS the thought that is the most precious part of gift giving rather than what you are giving.

Love not Stuff

It's like Zen Habits crawled into my mind and read it when he blogged about loving life and the experiences we have in it instead of buying anything and everything searching for that fulfillment that we never get through stuff. Ah! So VERY true. I know I am guilty of getting caught up in the materialistic world and struggle with it from time to time. The balance has been better for me and I am only realizing how the free and cherished things in life bring me utter happiness and fulfillment. Check out his amazing article and just soak it all in.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Vision for a Room

Something that just makes me absolutely *giddy* is having everything organized and in it's place. "A home for everything." Ok, I don't really have it that organized yet! That is my goal. This summer I bought a bookcase to house all my teaching supplies (they would wind up being scattered and crammed in odd places). This way I can go out and grab what I need the night before and have it all set for morning! Ah to not race around like a mad woman would be wondrous. So last night I was out there moving things around, organizing, throwing away (don't worry I only throw paper away, things I find a new home for or donate) and looking at the mess dissolve.

The room where the bookcase is we used to call the "Playroom" it housed a ridiculous amount of toys when I was younger. Now I would love to make it more a library/exercise room. My great-grandfather turned it into a room after there was a fire in that area of the house. It used to be the garage so it does get a bit chilly in the winter, but we have a heater out there. There are built-in book shelves that house mainly books, finally! The goal is to put all books out there and bring up a bench from the basement to put in front of the shelves like you see in magazines. I always think that it looks very inviting eventhough it's placed in front of the books.

The other thing that is out in the room is the treadmill, elliptical machine, and stationary bike, along with yoga equipment, weights, and a gazelle. I called Directv on Monday to set up an appointment to get TV out there. Right now the small 16" or whatever tv will have to suffice till we get a little bigger tv, preferrably with a dvd hooked up. Someone suggested I hook the Wii up to the tv and play while on the treadmill, that is a little to much even for me!!!! I can't wait to go out and watch the morning shows that I have discovered give me comfort and happiness while walking on the treadmill, especially on rainy and snowy days when I don't drag myself outside to walk.

Monday, August 3, 2009

French Taste

There is just something about the romance that is part of the French culture. I love the thought of espresso, croissants, flowers, dining outside, enjoying every bit of food you eat, wine, cigarettes, walking, staying thin, fabrics, colors, gold, the language, poems, mystery, excitement, my list goes on.....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Relaxing with the thumb

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Critical or Helping?

I've been thinking about things lately. While watching tv today and the KDKA show they were interviewing a dog spa at the Nemacolin Resort. The people speaking on behalf of it were all dressed in shirts and then black pants except for the one man that had a spa shirt on and khakis. They all stood around with their hands nervously held behind their backs. It was just very awkward. I was distracted by their appearance and stature.

I like to be positive in life and not be a negative nelly, but there are some things that I think people need to help others with. I have been toying with the idea of making a list. I'm not perfect and I constantly watch people and take note on successful people and those that I admire. Somethings work no matter who you are and others do not work ever..... I think of it as beautifying lives. In a nice critical way but with gentle words.

Goodwill is even on Twitter! Rock on....

I just donated two huge black garbage bags of clothing to the Greensburg Goodwill. I love donating there. It is a really great place! The plus side is you get receipts for taxes! They also had two fliers they gave me. They are on TWITTER, the PA Goodwill that is, but they mention the different locations and what they have. In Greensburg on Twitter they said they had 3 great wedding dresses in fabulous condition! Follow Goodwill via www.twitter.com/gwswpa.

The other flier was how they are accepting computers and electronics. Any brand of computer is eligible, they are encouraging reuse and responsibly recycle unwanted electronics :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anniversary decal

My grandparents will have been married 60 years on august 15th. I planned a simple background party ice cream social for them. Ill post pics later. This is the decal my uncle made for them. He makes great decals so I suggested he make them one to show off their long and successful marriage. I'm so proud of them.
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More lillies

They are amazing!
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These beauties are in my front yard making it look amazing and smell wonderful. They sure are a gorgeous gift from god!
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Cash for clunkers

The rumor is that the program has a billion dollar budget from the govt but they didn't plan on 400000 dealers doing this! One dealer said it will probably end this friday. Either way hop on it if you're in for a new car!!!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My town

This is another thing that happens throughout town on special occasions. The guy goes by chick but was born on the 4th of july and uses the name uncle sam for different things and has a partiotic motorcycle and license plates. Come to think of it his house is even painted tastefully patriotic colors.
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My town

This is something that you can see fairly regularly when the weather is good in town. The local buggy company has all different ones to use. I think this one is just like a fairy tale! I just love how my town is small and quaint enough to have this happen.
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Little guy at rest

Finally after being fussy because of his belly he found that thumb and was out cold. This is a friend's baby boy. Isn't he darling
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Giant Eagle produce

Just was going through the weekly specials flier and on the back it says how GE proudly carries produce from many local farms and lists them! :) That is awesome and makes me want to go buy them up!

Aldi's produce

Something I have been wondering about is Aldi's produce. The ladies at church were talking about the unbeatable prices. My concern is WHERE does the produce come from? During summer we get ours locally or at the farmers market, come winter I have to get them from the grocery store. I will not buy from Mexico or China (not that we get much produce if any from there) but I like to try to stay as local as I can. I'm all for a great deal and on food especially. I just don't want to compromise quality.

My little boy

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Monday, July 27, 2009

New Junky Gypsy Goodies

I couldn't pass up the Pink scarf with the Junk Gypsy logo, my all time favorite Mama Tried, but in a Thermal!! woohoo! and a fun pink flowered wooden bracelet. I'll be styling once again with the Junk Gypsy vibe. Pop over to Gypsyville to get yourself some awesome stuff.

My Junk Gypsy Package Came!

I love how they package things. It's super simple and they cram everything into one box all folded neatly, but they sure don't waste packaging! It's always fun to open the box and see your goodies wrapped up!

Junk Gypsy Collection

I have been looking in my drawers and seeing what I can toss. The things that make me smile the most are my Junk Gypsy clothes and accessories. The sayings are great, most are from songs. I love the one "Wild Women Don't Never Get the Blues" I try to live by that. I have a belt that I must get a belt buckle for, my bracelets with the sayings love like you've never been hurt, dance like noone's watching, sing like noone's listening, live today like it's your last...they are turning colors because I love them so much. I think the words and images are what make me happy and just want to wear one of them each day. I have a package coming of some JG goodies I ordered. Can't wait!!!

2 Specialness

This is my cousins headstone. For some reason my grandpa that is normally quiet and fairly oblivious looked on the righthand side and informed the family of the 2 that has appeared. The two is very apparent from a far and somewhat up close. You cannot feel it, it is not marked, and it is only visible when the sun/lighting is a certain way. The amazing thing is that my cousin was born May 2, died April 2, was born at 2 o'clock, second grandchild/granddaughter and other things in her life always was the number 2.

Purse prices to be lowered!

Purses are going to be priced lower this year according to WWD! This is great news for all of us purse lovers. I can't wait to see what they have. Exotic prints and berry colors are to be popular for fall.


Great deal on the Mini Hipster!

Looking for a cute new bag? You'll like our Mini Hipster ... and the price. It's on sale for $18 (reg: $45) today only!

Colors on sale:
Daisy Daisy, Mediterranean White, Frankly Scarlet, Night Owl, Pinwheel Pink*, Mod Floral Blue

*10% of Vera Bradley's net proceeds from the sale of products in Pinwheel Pink will be donated to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer and other breast cancer projects and services. Visit verabradley.org.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Satellite too- This is where I work

Sometimes, especially where I live, the satellite option does not show the details and just apologizes for not being available.

View Larger Map

I love Google Maps

I think they are just too neat!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beautiful little Iraqi girl

My friend that is currently serving in Iraq took this amazing picture of an Iraqi girl. Look at how happy and alive her eyes are. You can tell by her clothes that she is in less than desirable circumstances, but that isn't keeping her down. I adore this photo. Thank you Calvin. He was sharing pictures with me because he requested things to hand out to the children to create a bond with them and let them know our soldiers serving are good people there to help.

Where does money go? Look at this great pic

After reading about finances this is from visual economics website
This makes sense and helps to break down all the expenses we have in regular life. I think a visual helps to put it in perspective.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It's always in the back of my head.....$$$ I would say I have done fairly well considering my expensive taste and lack of financial education. It never donned on me that in school I never once had a class on making change or managing my own finances. We briefly touched on that subject in Home Economics, but it was how to balance a check book. Nothing on saving, debt, mortgages, or things that we have to deal with.

I am almost 27 and have NO DEBT. Yes, I was blessed that I had a mother that planned ahead and paid for my education, BUT she worked 2 jobs and had a masters degree and SAVED. She did inherit a little and I mean little bit of money but put that towards my education. My father contributed briefly and very little, considering I am a girl (female expenses that male students never have to worry about, whether necessary or just feminine) and I was expensive in college, having never worked and not realizing that money is not long lasting and hard to earn. When I was growing up I begged to have a job like my friends, mum said you have the rest of your life to work (so true) and my responsibilities were to get good grades and excel in my music. I do wish I would have learned to set aside 10% of whatever money I got into a savings and to keep a set amount out for church (I always tithed).

I love to read about financial advice. I like to find out how to be frugal and neat tricks to putting away money (like saving spare change or certain bills like all $5 dollar bills). I love the no brainer just put away ANY amount of money and that is SAVED:)

Money doesn't buy happiness because if you can't be happy without money, you'll never be happy with money. It sure does make things less stressful for everyday expenses and bills :-p

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lilly Pulitzer

Always busy busy..... I have been eyeing up some of these super cute blogs that are "preppy this or Lilly that". I just recently purchased a new Lilly Pulitzer dress, those of you that know me know how much I adore her clothes! They look good on almost any build of a person and look so cheerful, happy, and clean. Anytime I wear Lilly I get compliments throughout the day. For my graduation my fabulous bosses gave me a gift certificate to the local shop, The Treehouse, that carries Lilly clothing. The dress is so cute in a patchwork theme and a very low almost "half back" on the rear view. I am not finding a picture of it so I'll try to find one later on.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My goodies from FarmGirl Melanie!!!

Some nice fabric LOVE the colors yellow and blues, an amazing soap (least I think so) it smelled up the whole box and I could just savor it all, cute fabulous buttons, and tea that I can't wait to try!!!!! THANK YOU so much!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The One Dollar Diet Project

In September of 2008, two Social Justice teachers decided to start eating on one dollar a day. The month long experiment taught them a lot about food, economics, and nutrition, but the couple was left with more questions than answers.

Since the original experiment ended, Christopher and Kerri have continued to consider and question the economics of eating well, and have started some new trials that will be recounted in their forthcoming book on Hyperion in January of 2010.

Check it out! This was amazing to read and inspiring. Makes you think about your food habits!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Check out my online yard sale!

I finally put up some of the clothes I have for sale and I will be posting other items like at a yard sale. I have books, clothes, videos, etc. Check back for new things. Go to Ligonier Yard Sale.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My old friend singing-check her out she's fabulous!

Regal Belt from Junk Gypsy

I am in dire need of a new belt. I know this is a belt buckle, but I still want it :-p The actual belt can come later. Something about crowns, crests, gold, etc. that just makes me feel giddy and happy. Pop over to Junk Gypsy to get your own.

It's MAY!

I just adore May, maybe because Spring is here always or maybe because my mother's birthday is in May and my best friend/late cousin's as well. Now my boyfriend has the same birthday as my late cousin. I just get so excited when we leave the other months behind and head into Spring and Summer!

I have the house about where I would like it to be. I have a system for cleaning and reddin up. It's working so far. I have some more changes to make, but the biggest thing that made a difference in keeping things in order was having a system of categories or homes. If it's papers -mail, magazines, etc or anything else that I don't know where to put it it goes on my desk. My purse goes on my desk as well so I can find it.

I have a bookcase near my desk where I put books, things that would go in my purse when I switch them, important papers, and some magazines. I like to keep my important papers/folders in purses that I don't use anymore, because I hate how sterile office containers look. I also am tired of coasters and decided to use an old doily for on my desk and on the coffee table a silver tray. You don't worry about putting the coaster away or getting it out, the tray is always out and houses a candle.

I was tired of seeing a laundry basket or hamper to put my dirty laundry in, so I used a fabric bag that is red and white large plaid to house it and it looks MUCH prettier to the eye. The bedroom still needs help, but I'm figuring it out and what can live in there and what should not.

Still have plenty of things gathered up for an online yard sale. Lots of clothes that are in perfectly good condition, craft things, some videos, and random odds and ends. I just have to take some pictures and do that.

Keeping house is important to me because it just means so much to see a house that is kept and organized, but with your own touch. Not a magazine home that is stale and sterile. Put your own likes and touches in the room, but not cluttered and thrown together carelessly. Move things around and see if you like them there, if you don't try a new place. It's fun and breathes new life into that room.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dollar Store Decorating

I have a love hate relationship with the Dollar Store. I like getting cleaning supplies and toiletries there. Cards too! I still doubt the quality of food that they have there, call me crazy. Ours recently started selling Starbucks Frappuccino!!! That is nice. I always wish I could find/make nice gifts from there. I started looking up online information on decorating with things from the Dollar Store. So far it's candles, baskets, and bags. Some of the ideas are in fact TACKY, which I will not do.

I do remember a girl that was an interior design major that lived in the same dorm/floor as me freshman year. She decorated their dorm room SOOO well with only dollar store finds. Her eye was amazing.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Alot has been going on. The end is near for my masters of education in instructional design. My "paper" is up to 60 pages and needs edited and formatted. I have to write the report on what I did, how, why, etc. Then I am finished. Graduation is in May and I can't wait. I shall be hitting up a potential job source and hopefully will get it and be able to work from home. A dream for me!

I've tried to take a mini technology hiatus after being glued to electronics for the past several months. I really believe we need to limit and/or plan time to use technology and then escape for a bit. Helps with the soul.

There's a list of things I want to accomplish this summer. It's only growing!

I have been getting the house in order and gathering up items for the street wide yard sale May 2. It always rains and people never want to pay much for anything, but it's fun and I enjoy talking to people.

One big goal is to wake up earlier and accomplish things in the morning (when I'm most productive) and blog regularly!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

THE Blue Dress

I am in love with a certain color, not sure what the proper name for it might be, but it is divine! It is happy and uplifting. I think of it as a tropical/summery blue. I have always loved this color and so has my mother. I was browsing Ralph Lauren like I do almost daily and found this dress. I am trying to watch my spending, but oh this would be perfect for me. Look at the feminine cut and the color. Ralph never lets a girl down:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tiffany playing cards

I love the tiffany color and just the way it looks:)

Louis vuitton card deck

I have been eyeing this up and just think it'd be the ultimate. I love card decks and the love goes back to how my mum always gives them as gifts just a little cute thing that's fun, she also LOVES bubble brew and thinks the world's problems could be solved if everyone used bubble brew :-p tee hee only half joking there. I think the world leaders need to fight and discuss with water guns or a game of stratego :-p I could easily see myself start to collect card decks....

JC jewelry

I saw this in an etsy email and liked it.....to me when I first looked at the pic the JC to me made me think it was jesus christ, but you can get it personalize and there is lots of other jewelry to look at. 

waning risky post! but alas I like to push the line

The vocab word for the day is: Shiteous: (adj.) Something that is both hideous and shitty.
The ankle strap on the stripper's platforms broke, they are no longer just hideous, they're shiteous. 

This cracked me up after reading one of the blogs I follow. Chic and Charming is the amuser. 

Rudder-free service for tracking expenses

I am digging this Rudder personal finance thing online. I love tracking my bills, checking account, and spending. :) It sure helps especially with my goals and managing to save a few bucks while paying off bills. It's free and looks so crisp and clean. Plus it's secure. Start your own and see your success and progress. 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sale at Bluefly

Just when finances are not the best I see a killer sale at Bluefly for cheap Christian Louboutin shoes that make me melt. Ah, ce la vie. Take a peek over there for yourselves and get a great shoe for chips!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A great Valentine's Day gift

I simply LOVE this idea and what a cute way to send your lovie a valentine's day gift or something to say hey cutie this is SO you! I'd love to get a pair. hint hint. Here's the link to purchase your own or for someone you think would appreciate this fun gift.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

listening to music

I have always been a huge fan of music like what was featured in oh brother where art thou. I just recently discovered Pandora, a free online radio that lets you pick your channels and finds music that is similar to what you searched for. I searched for Down to the River to Pray, my favorite.

Losing our loved ones in blogland

It's always sad to read on blogs about the bloggers personal losses. I want to extend my condolences to Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams. She is the latest blog that I am following and has the cutest giveaway offered. She lost her oldest son. My prayers and thoughts are with her and her family. May God watch over them in their time of need.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Look at this

I just love clean crisp put together looks. The simplicity yet the chicness of this outfit. From the head down to her feet it is just well put! Love the purse and heels. 

Rudder-free service for tracking expenses

A new internet tool that I just found via Mashable is Rudder. It allows you to track your finances aka bills, credit cards, spending, bank accounts....It is a secure service too and FREE! I just set mine up last night love it. It gives you charts and easy to read features to track all of your financial world. Check it out and sign up! Have fun taking charge of your finances. 

do you use twiiter?

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bunnies are being born at Janets Creative Pillows!

Look at the darling, sweet, cute, bunnies that are still being made by Janet! They will get faces and outfits and I just can't wait to see them turn out. Bunnies mean spring and I just love both. Growing up and still today I get called bun bun by my mother :) Bunnies just signify a new beginning to me. When my cousin passed my Mammy (grandmother) and I went shopping and found a silly marilyn monroe looking bunny in Victorias Secret that gave me comfort and made me smile. Check her out and her fabulous pillows...http://janetscreativepillows.blogspot.com/

Sweet Cottage Dreams: I'm Having A Lil' Giveaway

Sweet Cottage Dreams: I'm Having A Lil' Giveaway

Sweet Cottage Dreams~ Adorable!

Take a look at the darling blog . I found it via a different blog and the giveaway is adorable! It is right up any farmgirl or girl's alley! I love the pics on the blog and the music, it's oh so romantic :) Take a look at tell her I sent ya :-p I am new to her blog, but what a gorgeous one!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Note to self: and others

MUST get book: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Wanted: Dress Form for desperate fashion wannabe

I'm STILL looking for a used dress form.......purty purty please anyone anyone?I kinda prefer somewhere local so I can not pay an arm and leg for shipping!? I DREAM of a french one or one from NY something with a story to tell.

I just love a nice ....

crisp clean organized goodlooking desk.......I think that is what I always try to achieve and don't quite get there. Why does it ALWAYS get messy in 1 sec and take an hour to clean up?

this is a great looking desk, can I have it lol

The best looking movie

I want to see this movie so bad! Confessions of a Shopaholic! It looks so fun. I love the eye candy of fashion too. The actress I just love her (name slips my mind at the moment). Can't wait to go see this and laugh/gawk. 

Friday, January 30, 2009

Mardi Gras thoughts

well I am in the mood for New Orleans. I am in the mood for Jazz Funerals, good music, fattening food, beignets, and beads! I just can't wait for fat tuesday and I think I shall have some good ol coconut donuts and FUN. I will pull out my doctors professors kings and queens the big ol box of new orleans cd collection and have my own mardi gras. BEFORE I die I want to go to mardi gras and experience it. I know my soul is half southern, how I'm not sure, but I just can feel it. 

How many of you hold yard sales?

This has been on my mind for some time now thinking about is it worth having one. Every year at the beginning of may my whole street has a yard sale. I didn't sell MUCH last year but made over $100! I do like to do it for fun and chatting with the yarders. Well I always give so much to goodwill year round. IDK I just want to know if you all hold them and how do you do them. 

Crowns, Kings, Queens

So crowns signify so much. Royalty, class, fairytale, etc. I just love looking at these crowns at a beautiful life and looking at Fifi's collection of crowns. I have none but the tiara I wore when I went to the first prom. I love crowns and think I shall start collecting them. You don't come across many in stores or around Western PA lol, I'll prob have to do some internet shopping.

Traveling in STYLE

Now this is how I'd travel. I want to bring back wearing scarves on your head to not get your hair messed up. I love how "old" ladies like my mammy (I say that with the utmost respect) always have their hair done and their lipstick and nails painted. I really think everyone today need to take pride in how they look. That doesn't mean judge others that might look less, but it boosts morale. I love the big shades in this pic and the Louis Vuitton luggage. That is one of my shallow goals in life, to own a set of Louis Vuitton luggage. Hey if it's used, I wouldn't care, as long as it's REAL!

Ruffles and Spring

Can't wait till spring, yes the snow is pretty but I like my sunshine!!! Gets me going in the morning and I have way more energy. This particular ruffle top is from XOXO, one of my favorite brands. It has a little bit of a farmgirl/country flair to it. Feminine with the lil side tie and ruffles. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

overstock - tiger chair $239! and decorating

Overstock is having their sale. I haven't really ever bought anything from them, but I love to browse. I never seem to find things I like there. I love their commercials and concept. They have some great priced furniture I'm checking out. I always dream of my own house and how I will decorate it. I love a crisp clean decorating style with a creative touch. Old money classic with a splash of romantic/shabby chic......I like a style that tells a story and doesn't seem stale. I also love the look of hotels. Wish I could buy stuff from wherever they buy. My goal for my bedroom is to have it like a hotel room because you sleep SO WELL because of no clutter or mess. :)