Wednesday, December 31, 2008

After going from talking about necessities to now "luxuries" my favorite casual and funky clothes come from Junk Gypsy or Gypsyville:) The stuff is so unique and fun. The sayings, pictures, setup are just pleasing and interesting to the eye. I have a handful of shirts, a hat, some jewelry, and soon to be more:) The people are so friendly and inviting. They have a huge junk show in Texas and get to travel the states finding unique junk. 

Frontier House PBS program

Frontier House was a program I watched years ago while in college. It was interesting to see how the families of modern day were placed on the frontier and had to survive by learning the old fashioned trades of milking cows, churning butter, cooking on an open fire, raising animals, eating different animals and food, having low sanitation, the same clothes, no electricity or luxuries, etc. It made me really think and I am still not sure I'd be happy or surviving doing that. It is almost like the amish friends that we have. When we went to visit we went to the garden to pick the veggies and they were OH so fresh! We cooked forever and ate slowly enjoying the conversation. They were very thin and frail looking but deceivingly strong. The laundry was hung out to dry and the necessities were what they had. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

James Thurber

One of my FAVORITE authors is James Thurber. He has an interesting humor to his writings and they are stories you can keep reading over and over! Some stories are amusing and I can think of several like the sympathizer. If you ever come across a Thurber book get it.

Sun warmth and coco+kelley

Isn't this relaxing?! I love the colors and can just imagine laying around with a nice tan and enjoying the sun.  Coco+Kelley had this photo posted. I am stalking Coco+Kelley lately and look forward to seeing what is posted next. It is always chic and up-and-coming. I love the array of taste and style that her blog brings to the blogging world. I for one LOVE it! :) Check it out and enjoy! xox

Gilmorisms, I love gilmore girls and wish there were new episodes...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

church luncheon for a soldier

Just got back from a luncheon at the church I play for in Darlington. We had the luncheon to honor the one member that is going over to serve (fight) in Iraq. He will be in the lines...That is hard to think about. I know the guy from high school and we were friends back then. He knows his stuff and has good spirits, but that must be something.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The top of the list present

That's the purse I got from Louis Vuitton:) Mum got it for me and I love it! I was in awe that she wanted to do that for me and knows how much I enjoy the purses from LV.

Ralph Lauren Rugby Sale

I know I just rambled about the goodies that I got, then I get emails about sales going on. Something that strikes my eye is the ralph lauren rugby collection. I have yet to buy anything from it but I admire it just the same.

oh me oh my oh christmas!

I must say I had an AMAZING christmas! I am so touched by how many people thought of me and got to spend time with those that I love. I am sitting on the couch after cleaning up until 30 min ago and looking at the lit tree while I sit here with no other lights on. I am super content and couldn't ask for anything more! I spent christmas eve getting ready and then with my bosses and friends eating prime rib and yorkshire pudding. I had to play the piano at the church in Darlington at 7pm then at 8pm run to my church that I was born and raised in and attend the service. It meant alot to my mammy that I went there. Then back to the bosses to exchange presents and then off to some friends' house to celebrate some more. I got to also have some divine wine that is I guess over 200 bucks. It was delicious. When I got home it was 12:30 AM and I went off to sleep right away. My mum woke me up at 8AM to celebrate and we began to open presents with some help of coffee. I had received some gifts from the children at Holy Trinity already and the teachers, but got more with family and friends. Mum had wanted to get me a real new Louis Vuitton purse. So back in November I went to the ross park mall to Louis Vuitton and picked out a Speedy 25. That was the top of the list of gifts, but I got Alvin Ailey dance troupe dvd, book, collectors doll, vera bradley limited edition clutch, fashion book, leather tote, massage gc, a skirt with shamrocks, black dress pants, black shiny blazer top, byers choice dolls 3,bath and body works lambie collection blanket, sachets, eye cover, coco set, designer candle, handmade quilt, painting, things from aruba, steelers things, $, and still much more! Just wanted to share that and hope you all had an amazing christmas as well. I'll try to post some pics of the goodies.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

check this out

Fun site that allows people to share neat things and post what they want. A mishmash of stuff! :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Free rent in a house/inn thought

I just love the thought of running an inn like the Dragonfly Inn from Gilmore Girls. I think it'd be so fun to meet people and give them a great place to stay. I read of a place that was a house and was rented out free if that makes any sense or for very little. It was mainly to give people a place to stay and they would add something to it. It was neat the article said how people would leave things for the next stayers to use and see. It could be furniture, house repair, artwork, homemade things or whatever and people actually took care it and were courteous. I think that'd be so great for this town. It was in an organic style magazine which is no longer in print. I kept all that I received. I'll have to go dig it out and think and plan:)

Gilmore Girls-a-thon

I have been on a Gilmore Girls-a-thon for some reason. I just have felt like chillin indoors and watching the whole collection. Granted I'm only into season 2, but I have all the seasons and love to revisit Stars Hollow. It truly reminds me of my town. From the gazebo in the middle of town, to the shops, to the restaurant diner, to the different characters the town has. Small town living is pretty much for me. I think it'd be great to move somewhere else, but I know in my heart that I'd long to come back. I do suggest checking out the gilmore girls. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

christmas tree

The tree is all ready and decorated. I'll be adding more ornaments, but it was fun putting it up! Can't wait to finish wrapping presents and putting them underneath the tree:):):) 

Tie One On, I'm doing it today

I did my decorating, cleaning, and laundry in an old vintage apron that my Mammy (grandmother) used to wear. :) It needs ironed yes and has holds but I was happy in it!

Apron day at my house :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Something Free in life! Dr. Pepper

"The soft-drink maker said in March that it would give a free soda to everyone in America if the album dropped in 2008" On Sunday at 12:01 AM coupons for a free 20 ounce Dr. Pepper will be available on the website for 24 hours and honored until Feb. 28th. Something free in life :-p Love it! 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Born into Brothels!

Something that I just viewed via Netflix was "Born into Brothels" the documentary about kids born to prostitutes in the red light district of Calcutta, India. I had heard about this when it first came out, just never got around to renting it. I don't know what got me to rent it this time, but I'm so thankful that I did. It was very touching and meaningful to watch. Zana Briski fell in love with the children and used her talent of photography to teach the children the art and give them an outlet. Please go to the site and check it out Kids With Cameras and look at the photography and information of the kids. Rent the movie when you get a chance. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

$15 buck deals

Check out this cute lil shirt only $15!

Look at the 15 dollar store where everything is $15! Like a dollar store only for clothes. Kinda fun to see what you like. 

Monday, November 10, 2008

A toast

I love these! With dimmed light and some bubbly they are simply divine. I must get some of these! :)

remote options

I have some of these and love to put my remotes in them or lil things. Great idea!!

Nutcrackers, my tradition

I love nutcrackers!!! I have a small collection and these are adorable. They are from Pier One Imports. I just might have to pick out one for this season.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wrapping and Irish music

Listening to some Chieftans music while I wrap presents that go to my church to send overseas so kids have something to open up!

Louis went to the town hall with me

voted, hope you did too!

Just went to vote!!! :-D 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Junk Gypsy

This will be my next purchase from Junk Gypsy. I have so many of their things and they always make me smile. Gallop on over and tell them I sent ya.

Oh Louis Vuitton I love you 1001 Nights

I love this! 1001 Nights bracelet from Louis Vuitton. only $725...... It's so yummy and just fun. It reminds me of roman numerals the way it is set up. 


The same goes for Hautelook . This is a beautify people campaign hehe.

Gilt Group invite.

If anyone wants to go shopping online at the best private designer sale on the web let me know. Gilt Groupe is the best place to go shopping and you MUST have an invite in order to be in the know about the great designer sales. They have up and coming designers, well known ones such as vivienne tam, valentino, ralph lauren, to asprey, etc. It's a must of anyone that is into fashion :-D

Friday, October 24, 2008

Depression Diaries and thoughts

Something that is on all our minds is the economy and chance of another great depression. I do get scared when I see businesses leaving or lowering prices. I do know that we will survive. This goes back to my farmgirl at heart attitude. You can live off of food you grow and cheap staples. Just reuse and make do with what you have. Food is the main thing that I worry about others getting enough of. And when I say food I mean nutrition, but I think our country needs educated on nutrition too. I am semi-grateful for lack of a better word that we are having an eye-opening moment. Priorities have been lost and the stars don't set very good examples. Yes I love my material possessions and keeping up on the latest trends, but man oh man I know how to live with what I have. I have more than most people have at my age and I'm grateful for that. I am blessed. Take a look at the Depression Diaries for some interesting insight. I think we have a lot to learn from our "old" folks. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

pottery barn falldays

These are so perfect for fall. The pottery barn is deliciously ready for fall and the magical happenings in it.

something wicked this way comes

Keep calm and carry on cheery o

This is something that I am always coming across. I just love it. It's back in the WWII day when the message applied. I think it applies to all our lives in some way. I like it as a constant reminder. It relaxes me. You can get your own on Etsy

fashion and intellect

I adore this. Love the books and fashion put together in a cluttered but fun way. I just love hat boxes....heck any boxes in general. I think that's also why I love purses. It's fun to put things in them and see what comes out later when you forget.

F to the frou

Definitely Frou Frou!! Love it. Can you imagine the carpet and how it'd feel on your feet. Also what it would be like to actually clean it. lol

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

give a queen her crown :-p teasin

I WANT THIS!!! anyone? hehe

hand decor

This may look semi-creepy, but it's the rage in decor! I keep meaning to get some. They are cute when you pu things in the palm or drape jewelry across them. They are at The Beautiful Life

Louis my love

I have the Speedy 25, this is the Speedy 30 (all just describes the size I believe). They are so gorgeous. Mine is beat to hell and back but its still wonderful. It has the patina (honey color on the leather after the oils in your hands hand worn on it. I love the honey color rather than the new color. 

Hermes please

This is the END ALL BE ALL to purses!!! It is Hermes Birkin Bag. I drool over these and some day would love to own one. It can be used, ya know. They are like buttah baby. They actually are one of the few purses that go up in value. 

mercury glass and hearts

hearts and mercury glass are a fav of mine! I collect both. I don't mind if it's "new" mercury glass or the usually expensive old kind, either makes me swoon. I just love how it looks like it has a tale to tell, but is shiny down under! If you go to The Blissful you can get this amongst other goodies!

Domino inspiration

look at the delicious RED walls. I always want to do a dramatic red on the walls of a room but chicken out. I'm not sure if it would work cause our house tends to be a bit dark....I always thought a study/den would be fun to have it dark but well lit with lights and candles....hmmm or like those that you see with plaid on the walls and leather furniture. Old classic style

Christmas in October

I realize that we haven't had Halloween but since the cold weather came I am in the holidays spirit like Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas. This picture just makes me feel so warm and cozy and content....ahhhh might have to imitate this for our living room. Already getting ideas and thinking of ways to decorate. :)

another living room from Domino Mag

love the color of the daybed in this one. I've always liked daybeds better than couches for some reason. The only thing that I'm like phooey on is no back on the day bed so to speak like you get the support from a couch. 

decorate this

LOVE THIS, it reminds me a lil of holly golightly's apartment in breakfast at tiffanys. It is actually a sample out of the Domino magazine and its traditional with a twist. I like it. Reminds me of 1950s hollywood or artsy style. :)

Junkville Vintage Rebel tee from Prairie Home, please buy it for me :-p

I want this and always look at the cute tee shirts over at Prairie Home so fun! Take a look at her fabulous blog and goodies that she sells. It's one of my fav blogs to venture and hide out in. 

happy hump day

Omg! I will NEVER do all you can eat shrimp. It was delicious, had the coconut, garlic, and scampi shrimp but wayyyyy too much. Just had to do it 1x. That's it. 

It was fun to go there with friends and we had a sweet waitress. She let us take them home, but you're not really allowed. We did get appetizers and drinks too. I bought my Giant Eagle Red Lobster gift cards, but ONLY got 10 cents off gas when it's advertised on the door, website, and flier that it's 20 cents off. grrrr 

I had weird dreams I think cause of all the spices. hehe 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Turbo Jam!

Just did the fabulous Turbo Jam like I do off and on with other workout routines. I love it. The music is decent and the workout shows you results. You must check it out!

shrimp and looking for deal websites

Going to the Red Lobster all you can eat shrimp special that they have periodically throughout a year. $16.99 for all the shrimp you want!? 

I'm trying to find the websites that tell you how to stack up and get things for free or peanuts with steps and codes.....Any help?

purse junk wow

Yeah so my fav Louis Vuitton purse is fast/slowly falling apart grrr. I love it to death and beat it to hell and back. Oh well style is worth it. :) I have so much crap in that purse it's very amusing......I have my coach coupon clutch, yes I hold coupons in something stylish too. Pens, mints, lip gloss, shampoo sampler, wads of money that is in the hundreds, alcohol sample bottles my dads gf gave me, cork from good wine, movie ticket stubs, business cards from FLD, advil, hand sanitizer, SHU open house info, toothbrush, a jump drive, vitamin E tablets, 2 things scissors, old candy, lip liner, beer chip, and more!

love of coupons

Have I told you all how much I love coupons!!! I do, please give me your coupons if you have no love or time for them:)

Tuesday thoughts

Finally I get a day at home to do whatever I like. I know I should go to recycling or run errands or go grocery shopping or driving (yes I HATE HATE HATE/PHOBIA driving far) I swear I have adult ADD and don't concentrate at all especially driving. lol 

I have Christmas cards addressed and ready to send as soon as the time is appropriate. I have lists of christmas presents to buy. I have bags, wrapping paper, ribbon, and looking for decorations!

I can't wait for the 3 holidays coming up!!! Just got candles that are battery operated and on a timer for 8 hours to put in our windows from Brookstone. only 40/so bucks for 4 which is the best I've found!

I am thinking of recipes to make and give away. I can't wait. :) Gotta make the most of the lousy winter weather. 

I want to get a pair of those fun shoe things that look like waffles to walk in the snow. 

Been craving butternut squash soup so bad and pasta. The cold weather makes me want those things. Been working out everyday too. :) Trying to get fit. Least the tush is firming up fast. Can't wait to get even more fit.

Bought that jergens natural glow moisturizer that is a self tanner and firmer. Got the medium-tan skin tone one for body and the natural glow express for face. My girl friend used it and it was AMAZING! She looked so tan. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Giant Eagle trip

Oh my just got back from Giant Eagle! I spent 92.91!!! But Alot of it will prevent me from eating out and also last awhile. :) I also think I'm switching to Digiorno Pizzas instead of the local. Just easier and cheaper! 

I do have 10 cents off gas now though. So that's a plus. 


Life has been extremely busy trying to get back into the swing of things. I hate knowing that winter will come. lol

As I sit here I see my chick fil a lemonade. I can't get enough chick fil a. hmmm I wish Giant Eagle sold gift cards there....

So much to do. Gotta fold laundry, run errands grocery store and dollar store a few others, gotta exercise. I work at 1-5 just to help them out. I haven't had breakfast yet not sure what I want. Prob just a english muffin. 

Had my mammy in the hospital so that's been a huge stressor. It gets to you. 

I'm still trying to get rid of junk and extra things around here. Still want to have an online yard sale of my clothes and stuff. 

Signed up for some swaps and I'm excited. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday musings

Life has been busy as we know it. Started back teaching part time music. I love it. I still love doing private lessons more because they want to learn.  The lil kids k-4 are heaven could do that 24/7. older ones are jaded. 

Been cleaning more.  Tackled the kitchen since I'm cooking lately. It's amazing what a cleaning lady misses! I think today I'm gonna make cookies and chillovers. Got the chill over mix from Mary Janes Farm. It doesn't have animal products in it :) 

Laundry, cleaning, bills, christmas cards (YES) getting them set. 

Ate with my girl friend at the Forks and had amazing mini burgers and onion petals and a side salad. It was really good, I'm STILL full.  I need to drink some more water.  Drank 3 glasses today already. 

Burning some cds for driving. 

Still have to make the tiara for MJF swap. Think I have some pretty stuff to add to it. 

Haircut next tuesday with Carla at Pam's golden touch. She does a great job! I think it will be around shoulders and dark brown if all goes well.  Been meaning to get back into tanning. Or a good spray tan. Hm 

Went to the dentist NO cavities still and I'm 26!!!! :-D yay

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

thurs thoughts

I'm so excited to get this darn (insert expletive) paper finished.  It by far was torture for summer. ugh. I'm thoroughly burnt out on my masters. 

Work is slow because of everyone cramming things in before school starts. 

Can't wait to check out NC in the south. This will be my first time. Lol Who gets to travel and see the british isles and bermuda and such but not the south?! This girlie! haha 

I have a list of lil things I want to hammer out, but where is the time? Been kinda sleepy lately I think because we aren't having anymore sunshine filled days. :( Bring back the true sunshine! I think I'll go back to tanning. 

Been really hopping into my business plan and my love of romantic/creative/shabby chic style! LOVE IT. There are some amazing people out there. 

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Technorati Profile

Midday Thurs musings

So it is a nice cool sunny day! Pretty nice for August. No dog days yet. I wish I was outdoors though enjoying it. I hate being inside in the summer. winter no prob! I had another Abigail's chicken salad sandwich today, just been craving them. lol 

Slow day in the shop. Doing homework, dusting, reading about finances, and dreaming.

I bought a ton of clothes from Junk Gypsy a secret goal is to buy all the clothes that they offer :-p I love their stuff and the fact that noone else really has their stuff around here.  That reminds me to make my own Ligonier clothes:)

I have a massage tomorrow at 1pm!!! hmmmm Can't wait. 

Paid my CC bill well half of it. I plan to hack it all away soon!:)

Bday is coming up on the 24th :) I'll be attending the Renaissance Festival that day to celebrate. Can't think of a finer way to celebrate anyway. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


virgins saints and sinners  I am in love with! 

hump day!

Hump day! 

Well I just ate an Abigails chicken salad sandwich, always been my fav! I had to take a gift over to a merchant that her hubby bought her for their anniversary so cute!!!! 

My back is KILLING me and makes me feel ill. Oh well. I'm hammering out the homework. Hard to believe I have 1 class left till I'm DONE! woohoo. 

I'm happy August is here but also sad. My birthday is on the 24th so that's always nice but then school starts haha ugh. Love the kids but love the summer more hehe. 

Got my plane ticket for NC and can't wait. Life is stressful lately but this too shall pass.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday musings

Back is KILLING me tonight, just relaxing when I should be putting the final touches on my paper and get it together oy! 

Babysat the boys today and took them to Lig beach. They were super good and we had a great time. We had fun with the rented raft and ate chicken fingers with fries and had dr. pepper. I'm whooped though! 

I def got sun though from being there! Hair is bleached out and my back is a lil red. 

I have my plane ticket to NC all purchased and I can't wait.  I'll visit my honey and see my cousins aunt and uncle and my cousin's new baby Bella. :) 

Friday, August 1, 2008


I completely 100% decluttered this house!! From around 9-4 with only a break for lunch at Ivys with my mum. I got the portobello and stacked veggie sandwich with the delicious half sweet potato half reg potato chips hmmmmm and a big luscious pickle to eat! It was delicious and the tea is always good! 

I got rid of so much stuff. Trying to downsize my stuff. Ideally I'd love to fit all my belongings in a room. hehe not a house. If I ever move that will help.  

Started out the morning with a nice walk with the dog and ipod. Thinking of going again really soon! I still have some more decluttering to do. Hoping to lose a few pounds, less calories in and more active. 

Def will have a lil wine tonight while I relax. 

Paper is coming along great, but I have been obsessed with the mobster game on myspace hehe. 

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Getting my paper written, it's a lil mismashed, but it will come together.  I'll be glad when it's done. Is it December yet? hehe 

I have the FG christmas in july swap all set and ready to ship!! I put alot of nice stuff together for it.  

Tomorrow the man of my dreams pops in.  I am debating whether to shop (prob shouldn't) or go to Lig beach (if it doesn't rain).  I'm leaning towards the latter.  I do need to clean the house, I could clean in the morning then lunch time go out to the beach for a few hours. 

I'm seeing such a difference in the thighs from doing pilates. My back is killing me today though. :( 

Working today then cleaning and homework tonight. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I did my pilates tonight for the buns and thighs and then I did some turbo jam, but I was so wiped out I didn't continue.  I see such a fast difference when I use pilates! Now if I could lose actual pounds that'd be nice.  

I need to really get rid of stuff.  I could make some moolah and declutter! :) That's next on the list. This paper needs to finish then I'll clean.  

I have the package for my Farmgirl Christmas in July swap all set. I sent out the sympathy card to my gf from the Tavern, she lost her father.  I just counted my spare money and am happy with what I have.  Now debating whether to invest it or pay for my car insurance BLAH! hehe. That'd be awesome if I sold stuff and got enough for the insurance cost. 

Bought a LV backpack and am so excited! :) woohoo

todays musings

well today is work, I spent some $$ at Barnes and Noble. I did homework there and browsed. I got my fav magazine Romantic Homes and then went to the financial weakness haha. I love to read up on finance.  The one I dove into is Guide to Investing. 

I'm trying to finish up my paper for my class ED933.  It's fun but a lil dry. Why can't I write about purses? Not many abstracts on that. Sigh. I just bid on a LV purse (backpack).  I think I need those for my back.  

Not in the mood for cheesy jazz style music that is being played on the diamond. It's making me tired. 

This weekend I get to meet up with my man :) So excited. :):) can you tell? 

  • Need to clean the house
  • Print coupons and make grocery list
  • clean my room
  • do laundry
  • Exercise

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Life has been hectic. 

Went on a vacation with family for 5 days to Lancaster. Visited our Amish friends, shopped at the outlets and local stores, went to Chalfonte to the Byers Choice Factory/Tour/Store.  

Came back and worked like normal.  School has been keeping me tied down with research and writing. OY! I'll be glad when it's all done. 

I've been babysitting on Mondays. Haven't gone to Lig beach in awhile.  Next monday I'll take the boys there and get some sun!

I went to G-burg with fam and spent time at B&N and did homework, got a iced caramel macchiato tall, got my fav magazine Romantic Home and about a bazillion finance books, I love reading about it.  

I keep eyeing up Jimmy Choos that would go great with my knockout Ralph Lauren pants!!! Cha cha heels ya'll. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well it's been super busy for me. Hard to believe that it is July already. I was planning on using my pass to Ligonier Beach, but it is overcast and threatening to rain. I'd be glad if it just rained at night, it is getting old. So far I have gone 5 times to the beach. I need to go at least 25 to pay me back for the pass. 

I was stressing about money and jobs and time and I got a nice lil check from my McDonald's stock. Pleasant surprise from the Universe. What you ask you will get. Called my Auntie in Maine, she'll be here tonight from flying down. I called my Aunt in NC but she was busy getting the grandkids ice cream at the store. Then called my g-ma (dad's mum) to check on her. She's had small health issues. 

I am trying to practice the musical music, but am running into time issues and have a new class that I am behind in. Shoot! I may have to bite the bullet and say goodbye to concentrate on this class. Poop that really makes me think I need to do that. This is class that I am paying for and trying to get ready to do my practicum. OY! 

I am OBSESSEd with Junk Gypsy and their fashion. I adore it and have spent good money on it. That reminds me I bought some couture pants from Ralph Lauren and much to my sadness my butt would not allow the pants to be worn, sent them back with a lil note that I have a big butt and need two sizes up. I'm waiting impatiently. Everything else fit except for that dumb thing! lol I am not a stick I have womanly curves thank you! They were gorgeous and packed better than anything I've ever seen on a hanger and bag cover thing. They have tack going up the leg and are a dark jean color. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I just found out via another blog about Prosper.  It's a loan lending or finding loan website that let's other people be a bank to each other. Check it out! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beach sun fun

I went to Ligonier Beach and bought my pass. I was there 3 hours and it was so nice because of being so hot in the 90s. I saw some friends, it's just a nice place to go. When you get a pass you can come and go as you please and also get 5 day passes for someone that you take. I did get some sun, something new is freckles on my forehead haha. I felt fat, but once I got out there I felt fairly skinny. ha I always do that. If you have boobs you will have some tummy usually anyway. 

I need to go to the Dollar store see what they have for the pool, like a beach chair, go to the bank, and then to Giant Eagle for a few things then to the beach.

Friday, June 6, 2008

ramblings of the day

Just bought my tickets to the blue grass festival for june 20&21 at the Waterford fire hall/fair grounds. I can't wait!!! 

My mum and I went to SAMA (southern alleghenies museum of art) and saw the pieces of art on display that are influenced by the french and indian war. 

It is around 92 degrees here and HUMID! I'm loving it. I think I'll buy a pass to Ligonier Beach for $125. It will pay off! 

I also got a sweet new phone, but still learning how to use it. It has windows 6.0 on it. I'll post a pic of it soon.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Well I did my church job and then I decided to go to the "flea-tique" I went 1x before. I kinda like the idea of having people outside too selling what they have. There was a wacky old man that sold coins and some other stuff. I eventually bought a Morgan coin. I also got a vintage blouse with pretty embellishments, a vintage pink hat with veil and a brush that is old old silver that won't shine up. 

I think I'll continue my new passion for antiquing and collecting. I also want to sell designer purses since it is my #1 passion!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

First post and thoughts

I'm always looking at blogs that show how much the blogger is worth or their financial goals. I liked the one recently beachgirl really does a nice job. I like how it is pretty personal and shows some non financial goals as well.

Some of my thoughts and goals are to clean up the house. It's so hard to declutter. Our house is always clean, but just cluttered. It happened after I moved home from college. I also always feel guilty like well I might use that. Now I think let me give it to someone that WILL use it. If I haven't used it in a year I won't use it. This is working well. There are only certain rooms that need some help.  The "play room" that is a mishmash of stuff. Right now it houses music, old vhs tapes, important papers, books, college books and music info, exercise equipment, and a few old toys and things from when I was in school. I have the floor pretty much cleared. I need to take inventory in the books. I want to organize my childhood papers and see what can be thrown out. The exercise equipment I want to move to the basement. I ideally want to use that space for giving lessons.  The basement is also a catch all for STUFF. It houses craft supplies, holiday decorations (which I decided we will give away since we don't use the paper decorations) my aunt's stuff and her first child's toys, some windows (screens and the other) laundry items, miscellaneous furniture, and books and bikes. I would LOVE to make this into an exercise/family get together relax room. I need to take inventory of the books, give the bikes a different home, go through craft supplies, and decorations, and find a home for the windows. There are a few other rooms that need some help but they are getting weeded out alot more. 

One financial goal of mine is to have assets. I'm still foggy on what is considered an asset that is material. I have furniture, electronics, stocks, bonds, cds. I know some of that is material and financial. I'd love to increase my assets. 

Another thing that is on my mind always is saving for my child's college. I have the upromise citi card. This helps while I'm buying things. 

I want to have what money I have grow for me. 

I want to get some real estate and ideally rent and live in one. 

One minor thing that I am struggling to purchase is the summer pass to the local "beach" $125. I love the outdoors and socializing and sun and water. I think I may do that this week. I can go on my days off and read books and float and swim a little and get SUN!