Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It is up

Now I can relax for both holidays and enjoy the company that is expected. I can also just enjoy the little bits that come with both. :-)
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Something simple and happy

I had a bunch of fun last night at our local town's "mellow mike" night. It is like a pub sing, folk sing, instrument playing, poetry reading, get together at the Ligonier Tavern. The vision was for a place where it wasn't a bar and you could enjoy coffee or tea or any drink of your choice, dinner, and listen to a relaxed and informal setting of sounds.

It has really taken off. I try to go when I can, I give lessons on Tuesday nights and that is when it is held. 6:30 pm- now 9:30. We seem to fall short on chairs lately, which is a good thing!

We sing loud and enjoy other music that we really don't know. My handsome and I enjoy each other's company and have made friends from there as well.

You never know what will happen or come out of that night. It's always magical.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Naked pooh

This was my mums pooh bear. He's a good 40 plus years old and you can see time has taken a toll on him sadly. I wish he was coming undone. Though he definitely looks like he has a story to tell!
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Handmade goodness

This part of my collection of handmade dolls. I don't remember who made the sleepy bear I'm guessing auntie.

Next two have distinct style that I grew to love when I was tiny. The lady made these dolls for years and just retired this fort days. They all came with names and the first I ever had was pattycake. Her name hinted what her hands were doing.
Raggedy ann my nana (grandma shireys mother) made me. One of the very few things I have from her.
Another distinct doll style. This blond haired raggedy ann some woman made and my granny bought for me when I was tiny.

The bunny auntie made me and the falling off apron my mum made me.

These are definitely treasures!
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Happy cleaning day!

Something that I've always loved since I was tiny was cleaning and organizing. I love to have everything in its place and be super organized. NOW, I almost fight myself now with doing it. I tell myself that's a waste of time and you could be doing other things. I think this negative talk causes turmoil, because I just love having an organized life.

I can organize anything and do it well. The key is to divide it up and have like stations or areas that are specifically for that and have homes for everything. I think it's fun to try out different ways and see what works best.

I'm looking forward to doing all of that today.

Laundry, I just love the idea of it getting squeaky clean and smelling oh so fresh.
Clean sheets, there was an episode on Dharma and Greg, the show I loved to watch back in the day, and she said it's clean sheet day! We have a joke at home about clean sheet day and that is just what it is. I love crawling into a bed with clean sheets, I would have clean ones everyday if I could!
Ok, as much as I hate chemicals I love the smell of Pledge! I don't know what it is about it that I love but it just makes me feel homey and smile.
Fresh air in a room. I love to open the windows or have circulating air.
Curtains wide open to let the weather in. I was told that keeping the sun shining in will eliminate germs and keep a healthy room, not sure how much that is true, but sounds good.

Excerpt from the fotygraft album

Why how d'do mrs. Miggs? Come right on in. Ma's jist run over t' smith's a minute t' borruh some thread and some m'lasses and a couple uh aigs.

I bought this book at our local library re-readables. Its the used book area where you can purchase them.
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The fotygraft album

I know it looks dull and possibly like a holy bible but it is not. Its a cute 1915 book about a family.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Argyle fun

I just had to share my fun new argyle socks. I went shopping this weekend for socks and tights and matching undie sets. These socks are fun and slightly dressy. For some reason I think of willy wonka when I look at my socks.
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Yes, I just went there. Just got finished with halloween and its not even thanksgiving and I'm already in the christmas mood. Maybe its because I love decorating, making holiday cookies, and thinking about gifts. I'm going to do homemade gifts this year or low cost but high thought gifts. I think with the weather nippy and the nights dark early it is responsible for my holiday spirit!
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