Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's coming all together

Do you know when you feel all in balance and in alignment how things just fall in place? After waiting for awhile to try to figure out a vision I have finally come up with one for a small starting out business. I knew it would come to me and especially when I was in my "little world". My world consists of those things that give me a warm fuzzy and excited feeling. I can't get enough of blogs, french things, european culture, american history, and my small town. That's just a hint!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween pillows

I'm so happy to get these. When I saw them I just had to buy them!! Janets creative pillows has some really cute pillows for just about anyone! I love to see what she comes up with next. I keep meaning to get some of the frenchy ones. These will be hung around the house for halloween to give a lil quirky decorating and fun to the season. Look closely at the pumpkin, boots, and hat. I love the buttons and ribbons. She even tied the bag they came in up with halloween ribbon and sent a lovely card. You have to check her out Tell her I sent ya :-)
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So excited

I was getting antsy for this!
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This was what I did today in between a nap and liquids all day. I have come down with the flu that has plagued my small town.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gluten free

This is what is left of a gluten free cookie and brownie. Let me say I did NOT miss the gluten and it was amazingly good! We have a new cafe in town bella donnas bakery and she has organic and gluten free foods. I am going to try the pizza for lunch. Ill let you know how it goes. Saw the sign today and thought there's lunch!
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Divine pumpkin

I love anything pumpkin so I had to start fall out with this pumpkin latte. Its something I get every fall and live on. May your fall be filled with pumpkin dreams.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My fall color

I'm loving the warm color of this nail polish. Check out the title, celebrity bash. Doesn't that say it all? Its a darker almost blood red but has that warm tone to it like fall has. Think of the dark red leaves. This is similar. I had to get a color for fall. The pastel pink and fench manicure was not cutting it. Gotta have the warmth and bask in the glories of fall.
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The Law of Attraction

I truly believe in The Secret. I was a skeptic before, but I have seen it work. It all makes sense. You attract things to yourself. Put out good energy and you get good things back, put out bad energy and you attract bad things. The law of attraction.

This summer I was enjoying some "free time" after getting my masters degree in Instructional Design. I applied at all the big name companies here, even ones that were not hiring, but figured it couldn't hurt. I know with the way the economy is going some places are advertising jobs, but seem to be dragging their feet and taking time to fill the position. Just by a fluke, or was it, I ran into the kindergarten teacher/friend at the farmers market. She informed me that the computer teacher was leaving and the position was open. Most people have no clue about my masters degree and what it is. I have had so many people tune out what I say and my explanation as to what it is and they just hear They fill that in with Interior Design. Well as much as I love that as a hobby, no it was not a masters in that. So the principal thought it was in interior design and wondered why the teacher was telling her about me. I got a call that day offering the position. So I got a job without even applying for it! Of course they have all my paper work and information already.

This has happened before....I had wanted to try my hand out at playing at a church and sure enough an ex bfs father came down to my work at the time and said to call them up cause I could have the job.

I've been wanting to build up my private lessons, but not all about advertising so I put it out and I have a growing number of students.

Put it out there and it will come to you. I can't count how much things are coming my way lately. Attract what you want. Think and dream of what you want and it will come. You might think that it is wild and you will never have what you have, turn that into a positive. I will have this, I want this. See what happens!!! It's like magic, but all coming from God, after all he made the universe.