Thursday, July 30, 2009

Relaxing with the thumb

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Critical or Helping?

I've been thinking about things lately. While watching tv today and the KDKA show they were interviewing a dog spa at the Nemacolin Resort. The people speaking on behalf of it were all dressed in shirts and then black pants except for the one man that had a spa shirt on and khakis. They all stood around with their hands nervously held behind their backs. It was just very awkward. I was distracted by their appearance and stature.

I like to be positive in life and not be a negative nelly, but there are some things that I think people need to help others with. I have been toying with the idea of making a list. I'm not perfect and I constantly watch people and take note on successful people and those that I admire. Somethings work no matter who you are and others do not work ever..... I think of it as beautifying lives. In a nice critical way but with gentle words.

Goodwill is even on Twitter! Rock on....

I just donated two huge black garbage bags of clothing to the Greensburg Goodwill. I love donating there. It is a really great place! The plus side is you get receipts for taxes! They also had two fliers they gave me. They are on TWITTER, the PA Goodwill that is, but they mention the different locations and what they have. In Greensburg on Twitter they said they had 3 great wedding dresses in fabulous condition! Follow Goodwill via

The other flier was how they are accepting computers and electronics. Any brand of computer is eligible, they are encouraging reuse and responsibly recycle unwanted electronics :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anniversary decal

My grandparents will have been married 60 years on august 15th. I planned a simple background party ice cream social for them. Ill post pics later. This is the decal my uncle made for them. He makes great decals so I suggested he make them one to show off their long and successful marriage. I'm so proud of them.
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More lillies

They are amazing!
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These beauties are in my front yard making it look amazing and smell wonderful. They sure are a gorgeous gift from god!
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Cash for clunkers

The rumor is that the program has a billion dollar budget from the govt but they didn't plan on 400000 dealers doing this! One dealer said it will probably end this friday. Either way hop on it if you're in for a new car!!!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My town

This is another thing that happens throughout town on special occasions. The guy goes by chick but was born on the 4th of july and uses the name uncle sam for different things and has a partiotic motorcycle and license plates. Come to think of it his house is even painted tastefully patriotic colors.
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My town

This is something that you can see fairly regularly when the weather is good in town. The local buggy company has all different ones to use. I think this one is just like a fairy tale! I just love how my town is small and quaint enough to have this happen.
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Little guy at rest

Finally after being fussy because of his belly he found that thumb and was out cold. This is a friend's baby boy. Isn't he darling
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Giant Eagle produce

Just was going through the weekly specials flier and on the back it says how GE proudly carries produce from many local farms and lists them! :) That is awesome and makes me want to go buy them up!

Aldi's produce

Something I have been wondering about is Aldi's produce. The ladies at church were talking about the unbeatable prices. My concern is WHERE does the produce come from? During summer we get ours locally or at the farmers market, come winter I have to get them from the grocery store. I will not buy from Mexico or China (not that we get much produce if any from there) but I like to try to stay as local as I can. I'm all for a great deal and on food especially. I just don't want to compromise quality.

My little boy

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Monday, July 27, 2009

New Junky Gypsy Goodies

I couldn't pass up the Pink scarf with the Junk Gypsy logo, my all time favorite Mama Tried, but in a Thermal!! woohoo! and a fun pink flowered wooden bracelet. I'll be styling once again with the Junk Gypsy vibe. Pop over to Gypsyville to get yourself some awesome stuff.

My Junk Gypsy Package Came!

I love how they package things. It's super simple and they cram everything into one box all folded neatly, but they sure don't waste packaging! It's always fun to open the box and see your goodies wrapped up!

Junk Gypsy Collection

I have been looking in my drawers and seeing what I can toss. The things that make me smile the most are my Junk Gypsy clothes and accessories. The sayings are great, most are from songs. I love the one "Wild Women Don't Never Get the Blues" I try to live by that. I have a belt that I must get a belt buckle for, my bracelets with the sayings love like you've never been hurt, dance like noone's watching, sing like noone's listening, live today like it's your last...they are turning colors because I love them so much. I think the words and images are what make me happy and just want to wear one of them each day. I have a package coming of some JG goodies I ordered. Can't wait!!!

2 Specialness

This is my cousins headstone. For some reason my grandpa that is normally quiet and fairly oblivious looked on the righthand side and informed the family of the 2 that has appeared. The two is very apparent from a far and somewhat up close. You cannot feel it, it is not marked, and it is only visible when the sun/lighting is a certain way. The amazing thing is that my cousin was born May 2, died April 2, was born at 2 o'clock, second grandchild/granddaughter and other things in her life always was the number 2.

Purse prices to be lowered!

Purses are going to be priced lower this year according to WWD! This is great news for all of us purse lovers. I can't wait to see what they have. Exotic prints and berry colors are to be popular for fall.


Great deal on the Mini Hipster!

Looking for a cute new bag? You'll like our Mini Hipster ... and the price. It's on sale for $18 (reg: $45) today only!

Colors on sale:
Daisy Daisy, Mediterranean White, Frankly Scarlet, Night Owl, Pinwheel Pink*, Mod Floral Blue

*10% of Vera Bradley's net proceeds from the sale of products in Pinwheel Pink will be donated to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer and other breast cancer projects and services. Visit

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Satellite too- This is where I work

Sometimes, especially where I live, the satellite option does not show the details and just apologizes for not being available.

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I love Google Maps

I think they are just too neat!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beautiful little Iraqi girl

My friend that is currently serving in Iraq took this amazing picture of an Iraqi girl. Look at how happy and alive her eyes are. You can tell by her clothes that she is in less than desirable circumstances, but that isn't keeping her down. I adore this photo. Thank you Calvin. He was sharing pictures with me because he requested things to hand out to the children to create a bond with them and let them know our soldiers serving are good people there to help.

Where does money go? Look at this great pic

After reading about finances this is from visual economics website
This makes sense and helps to break down all the expenses we have in regular life. I think a visual helps to put it in perspective.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It's always in the back of my head.....$$$ I would say I have done fairly well considering my expensive taste and lack of financial education. It never donned on me that in school I never once had a class on making change or managing my own finances. We briefly touched on that subject in Home Economics, but it was how to balance a check book. Nothing on saving, debt, mortgages, or things that we have to deal with.

I am almost 27 and have NO DEBT. Yes, I was blessed that I had a mother that planned ahead and paid for my education, BUT she worked 2 jobs and had a masters degree and SAVED. She did inherit a little and I mean little bit of money but put that towards my education. My father contributed briefly and very little, considering I am a girl (female expenses that male students never have to worry about, whether necessary or just feminine) and I was expensive in college, having never worked and not realizing that money is not long lasting and hard to earn. When I was growing up I begged to have a job like my friends, mum said you have the rest of your life to work (so true) and my responsibilities were to get good grades and excel in my music. I do wish I would have learned to set aside 10% of whatever money I got into a savings and to keep a set amount out for church (I always tithed).

I love to read about financial advice. I like to find out how to be frugal and neat tricks to putting away money (like saving spare change or certain bills like all $5 dollar bills). I love the no brainer just put away ANY amount of money and that is SAVED:)

Money doesn't buy happiness because if you can't be happy without money, you'll never be happy with money. It sure does make things less stressful for everyday expenses and bills :-p