Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gallant champions of international renown vie for honors at the rolling rock steeplechase an extravaganza of the sport of kings held annually for a magnificent charity. *all from yesteryear*


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This is my new goal...a healthy and cheap lunch. The wrap I bought from giant eagle for 4.50. Yes I would've scrounged up something here but ill be attending a conference so I didn't want to buy anything to just sit here. The drink is milk and a cappuciono cooler. You can buy them in a pack and they have less calories than a frappucino!


Monday, April 19, 2010

To Catch You Up

This weekend was a whirlwind weekend, but one of the best. Friday night I came home from work and was looking forward to "relaxing". Handsome called me and told me to put on my best dress we're going to the symphony. So I ran upstairs, threw on a black dress that I did not know how it would fit, decided it looked ok, put on my pearls that he had bought me for Christmas, put my heels on and ready I was.

The drive in was interesting due to traffic for the Penguins hockey game and the storm that blew down trees and debris. Gotta love how a GPS tells you you're almost there, but then that street is closed because of construction. we had this issue about 4 times. We finally found A parking garage (not the one that we had a parking pass for) and walked through construction on sidewalks and over a good distance to Heinz Hall. I wish I had taken a second to take pictures, but with the hassle of walking in heels, carrying an umbrella the size of myself, and dodging people and the rain I was preoccupied. We arrived pretty much just in time. The seats were in row E and I swear I could have spit on the grand piano. They did 2 pieces, The Mermaid by Zemlinsky, you can truly hear what is happening in the story and picture it. The English horn was gorgeous in this (I'm super partial to English horn because that is what I played in the top ensemble in college) and I just couldn't help but smile when I heard it. Beethoven's Piano Concerto 3 was done amazingly by Yefim Bronfman. He was so wonderful that he received a standing ovation 4 times and after walking out on the fourth time he gave us an encore. It was that amazing!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy sunday


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Local Hunt

Last week I was invited out to see the local hunt take off. I've attended one other one before. This one was nice to see because of the sunshine, green lush grass all around, and the excitement of the horses and hounds taking off. Here's a few of the pictures. My one friend pointed out to me that two of the hounds have spots that look like hearts on them. The people in blue shirts are members and the people in white shirts are the people in charge of the hunt. They blew the horn, galloped off into the sunset...errr landscape and with that they were gone.

Easter Wonders and Byers Choice

This was my little Easter display. I was surprised last August when I opened a package that held the two Easter children and then this Easter I opened a package that held the Easter mom. I LOVE Easter. It's my favorite holiday by far with Christmas and Halloween following right behind. I think I enjoy Easter so much because of the celebrating. I enjoy hearing about Christ rising, the grass is getting green, the bunnies are out (I'm a huge bunny fan), and I love pastel colors. One of my favorite scenes from a favorite movie (lots of favorites in this post, I know) is when the kids are doing the Easter egg hunt in Steel Magnolias. The pinks, baby blues, yellows, and greens are gorgeous. I think the anticipation of Spring and Summer to come are what makes me giddy and excited for Easter.

These are just a few of my Byers Choice collection. Every one of my Byers Choice figures have been a gift. I fell in love with them in the Williamsburg catalog. When my grandparents went down several years ago they asked what I would like, or was it Christmas, either way I said a Byers Choice colonial figure. I received one and have a growing collection. Look at the details on these 3. They are all hand made at the factory in Chalfonte, PA. We've been to the factory, walked around looking at the displays, watched a video on how she came up with the idea, and the gift shop filled to the brim with Byers Choice figures and displays. Some of my collection are hand signed on the bottom and limited editions. I'll post more another day.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Staying Healthy Together.

Check out my girl, Donna at Staying Healthy Together. She's just a ray of sunshine and positive vibes. She just gets it. Right now she is working on getting fit and healthy. The crazy thing is always swimming, jogging, exercising, and eating right. What an inspiration! I am in awe at how much she is doing to get fit. She's training for a tri-athlon. I can't wait to see what else she'll take on. She is also a great Massage Therapist. She has this wild but awesome concept of a mobile massage. Donna goes around our town and gives massages with her mobile chair. It's awesome and I've never heard of anything like it. Her website is here.