Thursday, October 30, 2008

Junk Gypsy

This will be my next purchase from Junk Gypsy. I have so many of their things and they always make me smile. Gallop on over and tell them I sent ya.

Oh Louis Vuitton I love you 1001 Nights

I love this! 1001 Nights bracelet from Louis Vuitton. only $725...... It's so yummy and just fun. It reminds me of roman numerals the way it is set up. 


The same goes for Hautelook . This is a beautify people campaign hehe.

Gilt Group invite.

If anyone wants to go shopping online at the best private designer sale on the web let me know. Gilt Groupe is the best place to go shopping and you MUST have an invite in order to be in the know about the great designer sales. They have up and coming designers, well known ones such as vivienne tam, valentino, ralph lauren, to asprey, etc. It's a must of anyone that is into fashion :-D

Friday, October 24, 2008

Depression Diaries and thoughts

Something that is on all our minds is the economy and chance of another great depression. I do get scared when I see businesses leaving or lowering prices. I do know that we will survive. This goes back to my farmgirl at heart attitude. You can live off of food you grow and cheap staples. Just reuse and make do with what you have. Food is the main thing that I worry about others getting enough of. And when I say food I mean nutrition, but I think our country needs educated on nutrition too. I am semi-grateful for lack of a better word that we are having an eye-opening moment. Priorities have been lost and the stars don't set very good examples. Yes I love my material possessions and keeping up on the latest trends, but man oh man I know how to live with what I have. I have more than most people have at my age and I'm grateful for that. I am blessed. Take a look at the Depression Diaries for some interesting insight. I think we have a lot to learn from our "old" folks. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

pottery barn falldays

These are so perfect for fall. The pottery barn is deliciously ready for fall and the magical happenings in it.

something wicked this way comes

Keep calm and carry on cheery o

This is something that I am always coming across. I just love it. It's back in the WWII day when the message applied. I think it applies to all our lives in some way. I like it as a constant reminder. It relaxes me. You can get your own on Etsy

fashion and intellect

I adore this. Love the books and fashion put together in a cluttered but fun way. I just love hat boxes....heck any boxes in general. I think that's also why I love purses. It's fun to put things in them and see what comes out later when you forget.

F to the frou

Definitely Frou Frou!! Love it. Can you imagine the carpet and how it'd feel on your feet. Also what it would be like to actually clean it. lol

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

give a queen her crown :-p teasin

I WANT THIS!!! anyone? hehe

hand decor

This may look semi-creepy, but it's the rage in decor! I keep meaning to get some. They are cute when you pu things in the palm or drape jewelry across them. They are at The Beautiful Life

Louis my love

I have the Speedy 25, this is the Speedy 30 (all just describes the size I believe). They are so gorgeous. Mine is beat to hell and back but its still wonderful. It has the patina (honey color on the leather after the oils in your hands hand worn on it. I love the honey color rather than the new color. 

Hermes please

This is the END ALL BE ALL to purses!!! It is Hermes Birkin Bag. I drool over these and some day would love to own one. It can be used, ya know. They are like buttah baby. They actually are one of the few purses that go up in value. 

mercury glass and hearts

hearts and mercury glass are a fav of mine! I collect both. I don't mind if it's "new" mercury glass or the usually expensive old kind, either makes me swoon. I just love how it looks like it has a tale to tell, but is shiny down under! If you go to The Blissful you can get this amongst other goodies!

Domino inspiration

look at the delicious RED walls. I always want to do a dramatic red on the walls of a room but chicken out. I'm not sure if it would work cause our house tends to be a bit dark....I always thought a study/den would be fun to have it dark but well lit with lights and candles....hmmm or like those that you see with plaid on the walls and leather furniture. Old classic style

Christmas in October

I realize that we haven't had Halloween but since the cold weather came I am in the holidays spirit like Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas. This picture just makes me feel so warm and cozy and content....ahhhh might have to imitate this for our living room. Already getting ideas and thinking of ways to decorate. :)

another living room from Domino Mag

love the color of the daybed in this one. I've always liked daybeds better than couches for some reason. The only thing that I'm like phooey on is no back on the day bed so to speak like you get the support from a couch. 

decorate this

LOVE THIS, it reminds me a lil of holly golightly's apartment in breakfast at tiffanys. It is actually a sample out of the Domino magazine and its traditional with a twist. I like it. Reminds me of 1950s hollywood or artsy style. :)

Junkville Vintage Rebel tee from Prairie Home, please buy it for me :-p

I want this and always look at the cute tee shirts over at Prairie Home so fun! Take a look at her fabulous blog and goodies that she sells. It's one of my fav blogs to venture and hide out in. 

happy hump day

Omg! I will NEVER do all you can eat shrimp. It was delicious, had the coconut, garlic, and scampi shrimp but wayyyyy too much. Just had to do it 1x. That's it. 

It was fun to go there with friends and we had a sweet waitress. She let us take them home, but you're not really allowed. We did get appetizers and drinks too. I bought my Giant Eagle Red Lobster gift cards, but ONLY got 10 cents off gas when it's advertised on the door, website, and flier that it's 20 cents off. grrrr 

I had weird dreams I think cause of all the spices. hehe 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Turbo Jam!

Just did the fabulous Turbo Jam like I do off and on with other workout routines. I love it. The music is decent and the workout shows you results. You must check it out!

shrimp and looking for deal websites

Going to the Red Lobster all you can eat shrimp special that they have periodically throughout a year. $16.99 for all the shrimp you want!? 

I'm trying to find the websites that tell you how to stack up and get things for free or peanuts with steps and codes.....Any help?

purse junk wow

Yeah so my fav Louis Vuitton purse is fast/slowly falling apart grrr. I love it to death and beat it to hell and back. Oh well style is worth it. :) I have so much crap in that purse it's very amusing......I have my coach coupon clutch, yes I hold coupons in something stylish too. Pens, mints, lip gloss, shampoo sampler, wads of money that is in the hundreds, alcohol sample bottles my dads gf gave me, cork from good wine, movie ticket stubs, business cards from FLD, advil, hand sanitizer, SHU open house info, toothbrush, a jump drive, vitamin E tablets, 2 things scissors, old candy, lip liner, beer chip, and more!

love of coupons

Have I told you all how much I love coupons!!! I do, please give me your coupons if you have no love or time for them:)

Tuesday thoughts

Finally I get a day at home to do whatever I like. I know I should go to recycling or run errands or go grocery shopping or driving (yes I HATE HATE HATE/PHOBIA driving far) I swear I have adult ADD and don't concentrate at all especially driving. lol 

I have Christmas cards addressed and ready to send as soon as the time is appropriate. I have lists of christmas presents to buy. I have bags, wrapping paper, ribbon, and looking for decorations!

I can't wait for the 3 holidays coming up!!! Just got candles that are battery operated and on a timer for 8 hours to put in our windows from Brookstone. only 40/so bucks for 4 which is the best I've found!

I am thinking of recipes to make and give away. I can't wait. :) Gotta make the most of the lousy winter weather. 

I want to get a pair of those fun shoe things that look like waffles to walk in the snow. 

Been craving butternut squash soup so bad and pasta. The cold weather makes me want those things. Been working out everyday too. :) Trying to get fit. Least the tush is firming up fast. Can't wait to get even more fit.

Bought that jergens natural glow moisturizer that is a self tanner and firmer. Got the medium-tan skin tone one for body and the natural glow express for face. My girl friend used it and it was AMAZING! She looked so tan. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Giant Eagle trip

Oh my just got back from Giant Eagle! I spent 92.91!!! But Alot of it will prevent me from eating out and also last awhile. :) I also think I'm switching to Digiorno Pizzas instead of the local. Just easier and cheaper! 

I do have 10 cents off gas now though. So that's a plus. 


Life has been extremely busy trying to get back into the swing of things. I hate knowing that winter will come. lol

As I sit here I see my chick fil a lemonade. I can't get enough chick fil a. hmmm I wish Giant Eagle sold gift cards there....

So much to do. Gotta fold laundry, run errands grocery store and dollar store a few others, gotta exercise. I work at 1-5 just to help them out. I haven't had breakfast yet not sure what I want. Prob just a english muffin. 

Had my mammy in the hospital so that's been a huge stressor. It gets to you. 

I'm still trying to get rid of junk and extra things around here. Still want to have an online yard sale of my clothes and stuff. 

Signed up for some swaps and I'm excited.