Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Wonders and Byers Choice

This was my little Easter display. I was surprised last August when I opened a package that held the two Easter children and then this Easter I opened a package that held the Easter mom. I LOVE Easter. It's my favorite holiday by far with Christmas and Halloween following right behind. I think I enjoy Easter so much because of the celebrating. I enjoy hearing about Christ rising, the grass is getting green, the bunnies are out (I'm a huge bunny fan), and I love pastel colors. One of my favorite scenes from a favorite movie (lots of favorites in this post, I know) is when the kids are doing the Easter egg hunt in Steel Magnolias. The pinks, baby blues, yellows, and greens are gorgeous. I think the anticipation of Spring and Summer to come are what makes me giddy and excited for Easter.

These are just a few of my Byers Choice collection. Every one of my Byers Choice figures have been a gift. I fell in love with them in the Williamsburg catalog. When my grandparents went down several years ago they asked what I would like, or was it Christmas, either way I said a Byers Choice colonial figure. I received one and have a growing collection. Look at the details on these 3. They are all hand made at the factory in Chalfonte, PA. We've been to the factory, walked around looking at the displays, watched a video on how she came up with the idea, and the gift shop filled to the brim with Byers Choice figures and displays. Some of my collection are hand signed on the bottom and limited editions. I'll post more another day.

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Unknown said...

A friend invited me to visit Byers choice factory with her during the fall. The setup and displays are something to see. An opportunity was given to dress a Byer doll with your choices a charge of course. Outside reduced items were for sale. My friend found a wood scene Advent Calendar at reduce price. Worth a visit.