Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coal Mining-Local Area

I've grown up hearing stories about my Mammy (grandmother) growing up with her father being a Superintendent of different Coal Mines. They lived in several towns where he worked at. Our library had a wonderful display of the local's mine paraphernalia. We were proud to have my Great-grandfather and Great-great grandfather's picture on display as well as their lanterns.

My Great-grandfather attended college (pretty rare back in his time) at Washington & Jefferson College where he studied Engineering, which later led to his career of being in charge of mines. Not only had he worked in the mines where he learned the normal mining skills, but as a Mine Super he picked up on the languages of the mine workers. To this day we have some words that were passed down from him like Rukawitzy (spelling is not accurate) which means mittens. My mother went to school and asked where her Rukawitzys were. Needless to say they were not sure what she was talking about. When he dealt with the miners many had immigrated from all different countries. He had to be able to communicate with them, this meant he had to learn and catch on quickly to the different languages. He was also more than just the Mine Super, he took care of the men as well.

The one on the left is my Great-great grandfather and the one on the right is my Great-grandfather

I am very proud of my Great-grandfather and his career as the Superintendent of the different coal mines that he worked at. He was a hardworking man, honest, caring, and very smart.

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hIWTHI said...

Great post, Bridget! My grandpap and my dad were both miners :)