Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Treasures of Yesteryear~Cleaning

While I was cleaning out some areas in the basement I decided to tackle the old armoire that currently houses books. I moved the old Nancy Drews to the bookshelf and the little kid books to their section (I swear that when I have children I will never have to buy them a book EVER) and came across this book.

On the top of the front cover it has her name. Her real name was Elizabeth, but many knew her as Betty. This is from when she attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania for college, when it was known as Indiana Normal School. It prepared you to be a teacher. I like the worn cover look.

The cover page on the inside is very worn and looks as though someone had a feast of paper.
I liked looking at the different lessons and what they suggested to do. She taught in several one room schoolhouses and loved what she did. I think it's neat and makes me giggle at how formal everything is. I sort of long for that in life anymore.

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