Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Little Boy~Louis

My little boy, Louis is turning 6 on June 27th!!! I have been so blessed to have him in my life.

I had another dog before him, Winnie. She was getting sick in 2004. I had just lost my cousin to a drunk driver and then Winnie became sick and we feared that she would die.

I couldn't take another tragedy so we called our vet, Dr. Beam, and asked the receptionist if they knew of any miniature schnauzers. There was a pet shop/grooming place across from a place called the Mozart House that had schnauzers in the window. I was at my mum's school and decided to walk over to see the dogs. Louis was "the doggie in the window". I picked him up and he was so friendly immediately. He was so small he fit in my hand. He played with the toto-like dogs that were in the window with him. Louis touched my heart.
I have had fun dressing him up, playing with him, walking him, and teaching him random things. He is a very intelligent dog. He has picked up the words, house, home, gazebo, kitchen, potty, ouch, gentle, kisses, love, and more. I didn't try to teach him the words, I just talked to him so much and apparently used those words enough that he picked them up.

When I take him for a walk he is constantly stopped to be pet, fussed over, and complimented. He welcomes the attention and almost expects it when others don't do it.

He loves vanilla ice cream, leftover meat, bread, Mammy's homemade meals for him, soft/cream colored toys, sitting on the swing, running across the street to his great-grandparents, hanging out in the gazebo or his house, laying in clothes, greeting visitors, and most of all sitting on laps.
He is who I talk to about my problems, my joys, everyday things, and my companion. I am so thankful to have him to remind me of unconditional love and is always happy to see me.


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hIWTHI said...

What a cutie :)
Happy Birthday, Louis!