Friday, July 9, 2010

Dining Out- A favorite pastime/presentime

I adore going out to eat. We were just joking about what to do when we have kids and how things would be cut back. I was told oh no then there won't be kids if we can't go out to eat. Of course this was just a joke! I truly enjoy going out and enjoying food. I think it might be the social aspect more than the food. I know the convenience is a big one for us.

We went to Subway today, hadn't been there in probably a month. We always get one of our 3 favorite things to eat. I'm big on the veggie sub because I just adore veggies and I am trying not to eat meat that I don't know where it has come from or that is not locally grown. (We get a beef raised locally without any antibiotics and steroids by a local farmer.) We've always done this since before I was born.

A goal that I have is making meals at home more instead of going out. This is for $ reasons (just trying to save a little extra) and to see what great concoctions I can come up with. Sometimes the best food is simple food.

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hIWTHI said...

I really enjoy eating out as well.