Thursday, July 8, 2010

One of my favorite things...

Is going to a nearby town to go out to eat at Brady's and shop at Collections By Marty. Today they had the latest Vera Bradley purse patterns for Fall on display.

They opened early and had specials. Of course my family and I went up there, looked around (I swear I can tell you what the whole store has because we go there so often), and bought a few goodies. One thing was a purse for my mum in the newest pattern of Slate Blooms. It's like a denim blue with some light brown.

If we don't buy my mum a new purse she carries the old one till we are tired of seeing it. Those types of things don't matter to her. She has her priorities right and material things aren't important to her. That doesn't mean she doesn't deserve to have new things, we make sure that she does.

I also bought myself my very first Gooseberry Patch Cookbook! I am thrilled. It is Farmers Market Favorites. I thought that was fitting because I adore going to our local farmers market and getting fresh/local produce and products. I have recently really gotten into baking and cooking. I love homemade meals. Nothing better for the soul.

We ran over to the shop that is run by some distant cousins from the Ritenour family where my family bought a gazebo. They carry Amish made wooden pieces for outdoors, lawn decorations, etc. We were looking for a gnome/fairy door to put on the stump in the yard and ask about a gazebo cover.

By then it was about lunch time so we went to Bradys. We all usually get the same meal just because its so great. This time we opted for the soup and salad bar. The mushroom soup was divine, I loaded up on salad makings and enjoyed one of their warm homemade rolls. We always take an extra one to feed the ducks outside. You'd swear those ducks were starving, but you know darn well that they are not!

It is our little vacation time away from home, but close enough to run back home fast.

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