Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One mile towards health

Something that I absolutely love to do is walk! It's my favorite form of exercise. I used to do it forever when I was younger. I'm not that old now, just got out of the habit of doing it and now rely on transportation.

My Auntie is visiting and we went shopping to hunt down the Sketchers Shapeup shoes. I know you've seen them before. The ones that pretty much look silly like you're on high platform sneakers. She was going to get them for my uncle because he has knee, leg, back problems, but where we went they didn't carry the mens. She bought herself a pair and has been raving about them. Funny thing is I've known about these style shoes for years.

The Shapeups are based on the MBT style shoe. I bought my several years ago and love wearing them. It is truly like you're walking on clouds and in the sand. They feel amazing. If you're on your feet for long periods of time or have back/leg/knee issues you have to try these out. I highly recommend them. I bought my MBTs on "sale" they were still pricey $$. Worth every penny. I kept telling my family that I bought them several years back and that the concept is not "new". I am pleased that they have made a more affordable version and that others have found the comfort and relief of this style of a shoe.

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